When WTA Rising Star Christina McHale played the Prudential Hong Kong Tennis Open this week, it was a bit like she was playing at home. Well, she pretty much was.
WTA Staff

HONG KONG, SAR - Though she was born in New Jersey and calls the Garden State home, Christina McHale has a very special connection with Hong Kong - she lived there from the ages of 3 to 8. She began playing tennis there, she speaks basic Mandarin - she definitely feels at home in Hong Kong.

So with the inaugural Prudential Hong Kong Tennis Open going on there this week, it seemed like the perfect time for the WTA Rising Star to bring us a photo blog. Here we go... enjoy!

Hey guys!

I've been in Hong Kong this week for the Prudential Hong Kong Tennis Open. I'm so excited to be here, not only because Hong Kong is an amazing place, but also because I used to live here when I was younger for almost six years. Being here has already brought back so many wonderful childhood memories. It's been really fun these past few days visiting all of the places we used to go to and just being able to put together all the bits and pieces I had remembered. It was nice to see that my neighborhood had stayed the same including my school. It felt like I was going back in time :) I actually picked up my first racket here in Hong Kong so HK has a very special place in my heart!

I wanted to share with you guys some of the photos I've taken!

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Thanks guys!!


Christina McHale

The first picture is me standing in front of the entrance to our apartment complex called Redhill Peninsula, in Tai Tam, Hong Kong. And the second is a view from the garden area of the complex.

Christina McHale

These are some more pictures of where I used to live. The first one is the pool at our apartment complex with the beautiful view of the sea behind. Then a view from where I used to live overlooking the tennis courts and the South China Sea. Then there's me standing in front of the tennis courts where I picked up my first tennis racket and played for the very first time, and the last one is the swimming pool where I spent a lot of hours practicing with my Hong Kong Island Stingrays swim team!

Christina McHale

The first of the three pictures above is me in front of the school I attended - HKIS, or Hong Kong International School, then there's me taken in Repulse Bay in front of the shrine statues, and finally a famous building in Repulse Bay that was built with a hole in the middle, for Feng Shui purposes!

Christina McHale

These photos are views of the city from our room here at the tournament hotel this week...

Christina McHale

And this is me and my mom at tea time in Hong Kong with Mr. Lee, who used to be our family driver.

Thanks for reading and I hope to talk to you all again very soon!

Christina :)