Monica Puig, Latin America's No.1 player, had the thrill of a lifetime in Monterrey, meeting Puerto Rican Latin pop star Chayanne - and it turns out he's just as big a fan of hers.
WTA Staff

MONTERREY, México - Fresh off her flight into Monterrey last Friday, WTA Rising Star and Latin American No.1 Monica Puig had what she described as the best night of her life, meeting Latin pop star and fellow Puerto Rican Chayanne, heading to his concert and even meeting him backstage.

"He got in touch with my agent and wanted to meet me - he's apparently one of my biggest fans, and I was pretty honored to know this!" Puig told "He was having two concerts in Monterrey, and it just so happened I was going to be in Monterrey. I was flying here and he was having one concert that night and asked me if I wanted to go, and I was overly ecstatic and of course I said yes.

"He treated me so nicely. It's amazing to see how somebody with that much success can also be so humble and so friendly and have such a warm and inviting personality. It's something to look up to.

"He sets a very good example for Puerto Ricans and people everywhere in my opinion."

And how was the concert? "We met backstage at the beginning, and then I saw the concert - it was honestly one of the best experiences of my life. I saw him after the concert, and yesterday too."

In a few weeks Puig will play the closest thing she has to a home tournament - the Miami Open in Miami, where she lives - and there will likely be a very, very special guest in the stands.

"He already asked me if he could come to the Miami Open," Puig said. "He has one of those weeks off before he goes on tour to Argentina, and he asked me if he could come. I'm really excited for it."

Puig isn't just one of the leading WTA Rising Stars, she's also Latin America's No.1 player and a trailblazer for Puerto Rico, becoming the first Puerto Rican to win a WTA title at Strasbourg last year. A quarterfinalist in Acapulco last week, she's hoping to keep her momentum going in Monterrey.