Everyone thought Serena Williams' biggest battles in Madrid would come on the court, but it turns out someone else was ready to battle on the streets of the Spanish capital.
WTA Staff

MADRID, Spain - Serena Williams came to Madrid undefeated on the year, but on Saturday, before she got her Mutua Madrid Open campaign underway on the beautiful clay courts of the Magic Box, she had a battle on her hands on the streets of the Spanish capital - the Predator was waiting for her:

Serena Williams

Williams isn't the first human the Predator has messed with - the infrared-seeing, jungle-creeping creature has battled many humans over the last 18 years, including Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1987:

He and some of his close friends fought Adrien Brody, Laurence Fishburne and Topher Grace in 2010:

It turns out the Predator isn't even good company at dinner:

But it was no trouble for the WTA's World No.1 - she didn't let this guy ruin her perfect year: