From NASDAQ putting her name in lights to hanging with Serena Williams and Stella McCartney, marathon girl Caroline Wozniacki continues to shine in the Big Apple.
WTA Staff

Caroline Wozniacki

NEW YORK, NY, USA - After making world headlines by blitzing the New York City Marathon, and raising over $83,000 for Team For Kids in the process, Caroline Wozniacki just hasn't stopped, attending the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Awards with good friend Serena Williams in New York City.

Wozniacki's time of 3:26:33 at the New York City Marathon didn't just beat her goal of four hours that she announced beforehand, it beat her personal goal of three and a half hours. It also raised over $83,000 for the charity she was running for, Team For Kids, which organizes running groups for children who have no limited access to sports. As of Tuesday afternoon the tally was $83,361.

After the race, Wozniacki spoke with The Guardian about how she kept going during the race.

"At that 20 mile mark I hit the wall," Wozniacki recalls in the video. "I was like, 'Oh my God, there's still such a long way to go! But then a couple of miles went by fast. But then when we were in Central Park I was like, 'How long are we going to be in Central Park?' Those miles felt like forever!"

A day later, a very fresh-looking Wozniacki dressed up and stepped out for the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Awards alongside Williams, with whom she has developed a strong friendship over the last few years, and famous designer Stella McCartney, who also has her own line of tennis apparel with adidas.

Caroline Wozniacki