The WTA has announced the launch of WTA Charities in 2017, its first global philanthropic organization dedicated to making a positive social impact across the globe.
WTA Staff

ST. PETERSBURG, FL, USA - The WTA has announced the launch of WTA Charities, its first global philanthropic organization dedicated to making a positive social impact across the globe.

"I am very pleased to announce the formation of WTA Charities," said Steve Simon, WTA CEO and Chairman. "This is an area that WTA has been actively involved in for years and we are now setting ourselves up to truly have a dedicated division for WTA and its members to make a lasting impact - in our tournament communities, by supporting our players' charitable efforts and affiliations, along with our partners' philanthropic initiatives."

The WTA Charities Board of Directors has been established and will serve as advisors in the development and implementation of WTA Charities. The Board of Directors includes WTA CEO and Chairman Steve Simon, WTA Player Board Representative Dianne Hayes, WTA Tournament Council member Bob Moran, WTA Global Advisory Council member Jan Soderstrom and WTA alumnae Pam Shriver, Tracy Austin and Jennifer Capriati.

"WTA Charities is an important step for the WTA family to both leverage and focus our humanitarian efforts," said Pam Shriver. "I have been involved in many charitable causes throughout my career and I'm so pleased to be a part of WTA Charities because we can be transformational in providing assistance and serving others with our global reach."

WTA Charities' various charitable initiatives will be introduced in January 2017 as the new season starts.


The mission of WTA Charities is to be a social responsibility vehicle built on the WTA's values to empower and provide for a better future. WTA Charities is dedicated to combining, strengthening and enhancing the community and charitable efforts of the WTA through its members (players, alumnae and tournaments), along with its partners.


There are 3 pillars of action within WTA Charities, each giving back in its own individual way:

1. Service - Directing community outreach and local efforts to give back to the communities that host WTA tournaments. Includes grassroots tennis programs that promote opportunity, personal achievement, self-esteem and respect.

2. Assistance - Aimed at providing assistance to those in need primarily through the WTA Assistance Program (WTAAP), helping members of the women's professional tennis community who suffer from serious illness or other catastrophic loss.

3. Support - Reinforcing WTA members' charitable initiatives through financial and promotional efforts and aligning with organizations that help advance lives through empowerment, equality and care for others.