Eugenie Bouchard says she is disappointed in her performance during the 2017 season - and is ready to start afresh next year.

“I’m not in a great place for sure,” said the World No.81. “This year has really been probably my worst since I’ve been on tour as a professional. So I was really disappointed in myself,” she acknowledged.

“I had obviously a few injuries, which doesn’t help the confidence level in your game and also just in your body and yourself. But at the end of the day, I just didn’t perform as well as I would like to. So the goal is to not think about that any more and look forward and try to do better."

Despite her under-par results, the Canadian has put a brave face on it and continued to smile for the camera, posting photos of herself and her activities on social media all year.

“Social media is such a part of our generation and it’s something that I would do even if I wasn’t a public figure. All my friends and sisters and family, everyone, we all just do it as a natural way of life. We wake up and have our morning bowl of fruit, and we just have to Instagram that.

“I’m just being me, I’m just doing what everyone else does,” she added.