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CoCo Vandeweghe Visits Kids At Miami Cancer Institute

Vandeweghe took a break from the action on court to pay a visit to some of the children in the Miami Cancer Institute at the Baptist Children's Hospital.

"It was great to be invited out here," Vandeweghe said. "This is the first time I've ever had this experience so for me it's really great and humbling all at the same time.

"To just spend a day here and goof off with the kids - because they go through so much - and just be normal with them is also a nice break for me.

"Just to be here and share a day with them is really something special."

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CoCo Vandeweghe

ACES For Autism Clinic At The Miami Open

WTA Charities also partnered with ACEing Autism, a charitable organization that aims to provide the most effective sports-related intervention for children with autism spectrum disorders.

Poland's Alicja Rosolska helped to lead the children's clinic, giving the kids tips for improving their game as well as hitting with them.




Madison Keys Leads Anti-Bullying Summit With FearlesslyGIRL

This week, Keys spent time with 100 7th-grade girls at The Young Women's Preparatory Academy in Miami - the second summit she has held, following one in her hometown of Rock Island, Illinois - in an effort to combat social media bullying.

"I've been very outspoken about the pressure that social media has put on me in the past, let alone what it can do to a much younger and inexperienced person," Keys said afterwards. "Sometimes I come off the court after competing in the heat for three hours and I open my phone and the amount of hateful messages can be overwhelming.

"I have gotten a grip on it now, I know how to handle them, but some of the younger girls need mentoring and this is my favorite part of being a FearlesslyGIRL. I am here to help them through these difficult moments, teach them, encourage them, and help spread positivity and be a great role model to young women."



WTA Charities is the WTA's global philanthropic organization dedicated to making a positive impact across the globe. Our mission is to be a social responsibility vehicle built on the WTA's values to empower and provide for a better future. We're dedicated to combining, strengthening and enhancing the community and charitable efforts of the WTA through its members (players, alumnae and tournaments), along with our partners.

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