Spain's Carla Suárez Navarro has just returned from ten days in Uganda, helping the non-profit organisations Ciudades de Viento and Tennis for All to develop their project through sport.

The former World No.6 headed off to Kyangwali to work with the young people there - and said afterwards, "Seeing children smile is addictive, their enthusiasm is incredible and fuels an energy that is hard to explain."

She added: "Sport always brings something special. We tried to spread some enjoy and happiness through the sport that we love. And the answer we found was always the same: a total respect, acceptation and  kindness from the very first day. The fellowship is amazing and nobody shows any selfishness."

And she hopes to return there to help the project progress even further.

"Every single detail can make a great difference," she said. "The gratitude is enormous and you receive a clear message: you’re welcome and nobody wants you to leave. We would like to guarantee access to tennis to the community, send more material and give an option to enjoy."