With Christmas just around the corner, check out our WTA gift guide for all the best gifts for the women's tennis fan or player in your life.
Marija Zivlak
December 12, 2018

If a special someone in your life has just started playing tennis or has spent years on the tennis court, then you’re in luck. There are plenty of  tennis gifts that you can buy them for Christmas that can benefit their training and make them look good in the process.

Marija Zivlak of Women’s Tennis Blog will give you some ideas that will definitely help you pick the best present - whether you are on a budget or you plan to splurge.

One can never have too many socks, so you can’t go wrong by picking a cute, tennis-themed pair, such as KBell Serve It Up or KBell Lucky Match.

If you’d like another low-priced, yet super practical and useful gift, look no further than a jump rope. This basic fitness tool benefits every athlete -- from warming up the body before tennis practice, to building muscle tone and improving footwork and stamina.

If your significant other is studious, you can help them get the ultimate coaching advice by Brad Gilbert, former world No.4 and winner of 20 titles. "Winning Ugly" is a book aimed at recreational players who want to get the edge over their opponents by becoming better thinkers who recognize the opportunity, analyze it and ultimately capitalize on it.

If you’re buying a present for a young woman that likes bold prints, Nike’s latest collection offers a perfect ensemble -- the Winter Swoosh Hyper Femme Bra and Shorts.

These items are very practical and can be mixed and matched with a wide variety of single-colored tanks, skirts and dresses.

Simona Halep (Jimmie 48 Photography/WTA)

You can also give your woman a taste of tennis superstar glory by buying her something that a WTA player wore while lifting a Grand Slam trophy in 2018. Those could be tennis shoes, a dress, or a jacket.

Naomi Osaka (Jimmie48 Photography/WTA)

For example, Simona Halep won the French Open champion’s trophy in the Nike Summer Zonal Cool Slam Tank, Nike Summer Zonal Cool Smash Skirt and the Nike Summer Tennis Hoodie.

Naomi Osaka clinched the US Open title in the Adidas Fall Barricade Tank, Skirt and Fall Barricade Jacket.

Women can never have enough bags - and that also applies to tennis bags. You can choose a classic racquet bag, a fun backpack or a luxury tote that allows her to transition from a business meeting to a tennis practice without compromising style.

Here are just some examples of the three models mentioned above: the Babolat Pure Grey 3 Pack Bag, EleVen Glory Tennis Backpack (designed by Venus Williams), and Cortiglia Brisbane Tennis Tote.

I hope these ideas will make your shopping easier and help you find the best gift for your tennis-loving lady.