Ons Jabeur's emotional 2022 season on the Hologic WTA Tour was full of highs and heartbreak. From winning the biggest title of her career in Madrid and rising to World No.2, to coming within a set of winning Wimbledon, the charismatic Tunisian went through it all. 

The cameras were rolling throughout Jabeur's season and will be featured on Netflix's "Break Point," which premieres Jan. 13.

WTA Insider caught up with Jabeur to discuss her experience:

WTA Insider: With the show now live, how are you feeling? 

Jabeur: I'm very excited. I don't know how people will take how they will see me, but you know me. I was pretty honest in the episode and it was really nice. But let's see. I'm just really excited to see what people think about this Netflix show in general. 

WTA Insider: Last year was an unbelievable season for you with career highs but also tough losses. Are you ready for people to see the behind-the-scenes of all that?

Jabeur: I am not very closed-minded. I like to be open about showing my emotions. I am not scared to let people see through me. I was kind of happy that they were there. I really have nothing to hide. Quite the opposite. I just want to show people that we are just human beings and we suffer a lot after a loss. It's not life-threatening, but it is something that we care about, the tennis game. 

I haven't seen the other part where I lost at Wimbledon or the other parts of the US Open, but I'm sure it's going to be heartbreaking for people watching. Probably I would cry. 

They told me that Kareem cried. I didn't think he was a crier. But now I'm discovering after seven years of marriage. It's never too late.  

WTA Insider: What do you make of the cast of players?

Jabeur: It's a good combination. I mean, some players refused to do it. That I know. Some people were asking how come they don't have the big names. The big names need big budget. We're small players. Maybe after the show, big players. 

It's nice to see different characters. It's nice to see different players. I feel like it's a great combination from the female side and an interesting combination from the male side. Pretty excited to watch others for sure.

WTA Insider: Why did you feel this was an important thing to do?

Jabeur: Just to see behind the scenes, how we struggle mentally, how it is very tough to be a professional tennis player and maybe some people should not judge us just from seeing a game. Maybe there is something behind our behavior on the court. Just to show if someone wants to be a professional tennis player, what it takes to to be there. 

I am also very excited to see the episode of other players. I'm curious to know what they're doing, how they prepare for the match. I know how Netflix works, and it's definitely not something they're going to fake or anything. It's definitely 100% reality. I just hope everybody will be open-minded watching this show and not throw tomatoes at us.