Andrea Petkovic made a big sacrifice this Christmas, swapping time at home with the family for a hotel room eating burgers and watching Seinfeld.
WTA Staff

PERTH, Australia - Eager to bounce back from a difficult 2016, Andrea Petkovic made some tough decisions during the off-season. And judging by her dominant victory over Kristina Mladenovic at the Hopman Cup on Monday, she is already reaping the rewards.

"Big applause to Kristina, she's such a talented girl. I was really in full focus today," Petkovic said during her on-court interview. "I worked really hard. I started earlier than normal. I normally love to spend Christmas at home with my family but this time I thought, 'Andrea, it's time to make a sacrifice.' So I spent it in Melbourne watching Seinfeld and eating burgers in the hotel room. But apparently it paid off!"

Unsurprisingly, Petkovic has been the life and soul of this year's competition, charming the crowds and fellow competitors alike. Indeed, at the Hopman Cup ball Petkovic was first to pull shapes, ushering in the New Year alongside Roger Federer and company.

"Well, everybody has a thing and my thing is to open up dance floors," she added. "So the first song the band played I was out there with my fitness and physio coach. Later we danced and Roger came on and I said, 'Roger, remember this time." And he was like, 'What? Why?' I'm like, 'Remember the time you and me danced with a bunch of teenagers.'"

While the German has mixed up her pre-season preparations, that is as far as her 2017 resolutions go: "I don't do resolutions because I once tried a detox diet and at 3pm in the afternoon I was eating cake, so that's how my resolutions go."