Simona Halep won her first hardcourt title of the season behind an indomitable ground game. SAP Tennis Analytics for Coaches shows how Halep got it done.
WTA Staff

Simona Halep was able to win the longer rallies in her 7-6(2) 6-3 victory over Madison Keys to win the title at the Rogers Cup in Montréal.

SAP Tennis Analytics tracks how successful players are on varying rally lengths. During Sunday's final, Halep won 62% of the rallies that were longer than six shots.

After a tight first set, Halep took control of the second by winning more of the medium-length rallies. After winning just 46% of the 3-6 shot rallies in the first set, Halep won 65% of those points in the second set.

Overall, Halep won 56% of the rallies that were greater than three shots throughout the match.

Rally length is included in the "Rally hit to" tracking on the SAP Coaches View. That particular data shows where each shot during a rally lands on the opponent's side of the court. The display differentiates between forehands and backhands, and can be filtered by a particular score or to only show winners, unforced errors, service returns, the last shot of a rally or the third shot (first rally ball hit by the server).

For the Rogers Cup final, this data set also shows that Halep not only was winning the longer points, but she was also looking to keep the ball away from the Keys forehand. Halep directed 57% of her shots toward the Keys backhand, and for good reason. During the match, 13 of the 17 winners Keys hit came from her forehand.

The SAP Coaches View combines scoring information direct from the chair umpire with tracking data from HawkEye to allow for an in depth look at five different aspects of a match. Each tracking option can be filtered to narrow the focus to specific situations within a match, such as break points. This information is available directly to coaches in real-time during a match on their SAP tablet and also available to them online after matches.

On Sunday, Halep's success on the longer points in the match allowed her to win her third trophy in 2016.