Serena Williams loves tacos probably more than any human being loves anything.
WTA Staff

If there's one thing that Serena Williams probably loves more than winning, it's tacos.

Despite holding a record-tying number of Grand Slam titles and consecutive weeks at the WTA's top spot, it's tacos - not trophies - that are on her mind all day, every day.

 Good thing for Serena that there's a whole holiday dedicated to her favorite food: National Taco Day. But if you're Serena Williams, clearly every day is National Taco Day.

Her love for tacos runs deep, as USA Today's Nick McCarvel uncovered earlier this year.

Before she had her first taste of Grand Slam victory, Serena had already developed a taste for the delicious Mexican dish.

"I'm from Compton and there is a big mixture of cultures there," Serena said before the US Open. "I grew up next to all of these Mexican families and we were close with them when I was little, we were friends. I think that's where my love for tacos comes from."

Serena's tacos  Serena's tacos
Whenever she's not eating or thinking about tacos, Serena spends her free time lovingly photographing them for her Instagram account.

Serena's been around the world and obviously has tried many a taco, but the quest for finding the perfect one is lifelong.

Happy National Taco Day, Serena!

Taco Talk With Serena:

Q: What's your favorite taco place?

Q: Who makes the best taco?

"I make the best taco," Serena claimed. "Or my sister Lyn. If you ever watch my Snapchat, you know I don't talk about my taco recipes.

"I don't taco about it."

Q: What's your favorite kind of taco?

Serena's tacos