WTA Insider Courtney Nguyen | Darren Cahill, coach to Simona Halep, opens up about the Romanian's game and his own coaching philosophy as his charge plays at Roland Garros.
WTA Staff

PARIS, France - On a special Dropshot edition of the podcast, top tennis coach and commentator Darren Cahill joins the team at Radio Roland Garros to discuss why he chose to team up with Simona Halep, what his time in Romania has been like, and he expands on his coaching philosophy.

As Cahill says, he coaches Simona because he wants to, not because he has to. "I don't have to do this," he says. "I'm very lucky. I've worked with many great players, like Hewitt and Agassi. I want to do it. I think the world of her, I think she's a great person, I think she's a wonderful talent. I'm away from my family 25-30 weeks a year. Some people see it as a sacrifice. I look at it as a choice."

More from Cahill: "I think a coach has to do their job and sometimes that is delivering a tough message. I haven't always delivered the positive message to Simona, there have been times like in Rome, I delivered a couple of tough messages to her. They were not taken in a positive way straight way, but in time you go back on them and you talk about those discussions and you try and learn from them.

"And a coach is not always right either. Part of a coach's job is to try and coach through the player's eyes. I look at tennis a certain way and there are certain things that happen on the court and I don't understand why they're happening. So I have to sit down and ask questions to the player as to why they're making certain decisions in those moment and quite often I'm wrong because the player doesn't see tennis the way I do. So a good coach I think learns to coach a player through their eyes."

Tune in to Radio Roland Garros for more interview and commentary from the French Open.

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