Magda Linette took some time away from the court at the Alya WTA Malaysian Open to learn to cook some traditional local dishes.
WTA Staff

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia - Magda Linette may have started to sizzle as she defeated Katarina Zavatska in her Alya WTA Malaysian Open first-round match on Tuesday, but it was off the court she really got cooking.

Poland's WTA World No.93 took some time out in Kuala Lumpur for some cooking lessons in the kitchen of the One World Hotel. Linette learned to cook two different styles of Malaysian savoury flatbreads, roti jala and roti canai.

Magda Linette

Roti jala, which translates to "rinsed bread" in English, is a stringy flatbread that was influenced by the shape of the nets used by fishermen who first invented it. It is often served with curry. Canai, meanwhile, is a doughier bread derived from Indian cuisine and can be cooked in a variety of sweet and sour varieties.

The 25-year-old also attempted to make teh tarik, a frothy milky tea that is widely considered the Malaysian national drink.

Magda Linette

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