Former Spanish World No.2 Conchita Martínez - who competed in 12 WTA Finals - talks about this year´s tournament and Garbiñe Muguruza's chances as the only Spaniard at the event.
WTA Staff

SINGAPORE - When the words are coming from Conchita Martínez, it´s experience that talks after years as part of the elite of the tour; the Spanish former World No.2 lifted the Venus Rose Water dish in Wimbledon in 1994 and competed in 12 editions of the WTA Finals.

Martínez sat down with the WTA's Spanish site to evaluate this year's tournament and the role that her countrywoman Garbiñe Muguruza plays as the only Spanish player present in the event this year.

"The situation is different from last year. When you have qualified for the WTA Finals it is always very positive. Very few players can achieve it and it's a reward for the whole year," Martínez said. The Spaniard was present in all competitions between 1989 and 2000.

"This year it has been a tough battle and anything can happen. Some players are tired, others can be a little injured, and others have more rhythm... The first matches are always very important, of course. Garbiñe has a good chance to do well, as well as the other players."

Conchita Martinez

On the Venezuelan-born Spaniard Muguruza - who in 2015 had a phenomenal debut when she advanced undefeated through the group stage and was just two games away from victory in the semifinals - Martínez emphasized her game without limits.

"Garbiñe played very well last year, came in with a lot of confidence after playing a very good Asian Swing. This year maybe with more ups and downs, but once you are in the WTA Finals anything can happen," she added. "In a week you can regain that confidence. The experience in playing such complicated tournaments helps you to not be so nervous."

Without a doubt, there is sure to be pressure, given the caliber of opponents present in the WTA Finals.

"There are very dangerous players. Garbiñe is in a group with Pliskova, who has a very direct game; with Kuznetsova, who arrives with confidence although, I imagine, tired; and Radwanska, who is one of the most consistent players on the tour. There are some missing names in this edition and it might be very open on paper. But they are the best of the year and this is a very demanding event."

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