As the tennis world hits North America, teams up with Cambridge Global Payments to talk travel tips with Canada's Gabriela Dabrowski.
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August 6, 2018

If a friend is visiting Canada, what three places would you recommend for them to visit?  And why do you recommend them?

I would recommend visiting the West Coast. It has the most spectacular scenery, from gorgeous lakes and mountain ranges to the ocean and beyond. I would visit the city of Vancouver first. The people there have a very good work/life balance. Vancouver has some of the best seafood and if you don't like that then there are a plethora of other cuisines to choose from. After Vancouver city, I would head to the mountains, either north of the city for some skiing in Whistler (where some of the 2010 Olympic competitions were held) or to Grouse Mountain and tackle the Grouse Grind! The Grouse Grind is a pretty hard trail (2,830 steps!) but it can be done by people of all ages. Finally, I would take the ferry to Victoria Island to relax and enjoy the views whilst also having some comfort and luxury. 

The Vancouver skyline (Getty)
The Vancouver skyline (Getty)

Off the tourist trail, what are Canada’s hidden gems? 

Any Canadian National Park will be breathtaking. Two main ones are Banff and Jasper National Park. Banff is more touristy, whilst Jasper is a bit smaller and more laid back. Banff is busier and has some great skiing, while Jasper is a bit more remote. You can't go wrong with either place, though. 

Banff (Getty)
Banff (Getty)

Away from the tennis court, can you share a memorable experience you've had in Canada?

I'm a fan of hockey so sometimes when I'm home I can watch the game at a local pub. The atmosphere is a lot of fun and I would recommend anyone visiting during hockey season to catch a game. Hockey is a big part of Canadian culture and we do pretty well at it so we're quite enthusiastic. We're proud of our athletes, whether they were born in Canada or if they've come from abroad.

The Canadian men's ice hockey team (Getty)
Canada men's ice hockey team (Getty)


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