Karolina and Kristyna Pliskova may have been together for 22 years, but they admit their partnership is still a work in progress.
WTA Staff

Last October, WTA Rising Stars Karolina Pliskova and Kristyna Pliskova created a slice of WTA history in Linz when they became the first twins - and ninth siblings - to win a doubles title.

Since then, they have found further success harder to come by. However, all that changed on the clay of Bad Gastein when they surprised a couple of seeds - and themselves - to walk away with the title.

"We are really happy because we were losing all the time and because we won on clay which is our worst surface," Kristyna said. "The weather was tricky and the balls were heavy. But we managed the conditions and Karolina played very well."

Despite their success in Austria, the sisters admit they still have much to learn if they are to fully master the art of doubles. Both Karolina (No.47) and Kristyna (No.93) are inside the Top 100 in singles and believe that they have the potential to climb the doubles ladder, too.

"We love doubles but we still play doubles as if it were singles. We need to learn a lot," Karolina added. "We know we can play very well, we have a big serve and we just need to learn how to play it properly. But for sure it helps us with our singles!"

Perhaps the greatest obstacle standing between them and more silverware, though, is on the same side of the net. The twins, now 22, have played together since their junior days and admit that sibling tiffs can occasionally accompany them on court.

"It is great playing together but sometimes it is really hard because we fight a lot and we get angry at each other," Karolina added. "But we are getting better and not fighting so much anymore. We know that if we don´t fight we play much better. We just have to stop fighting!"

Squabbling aside, the Pliskovas, whose partnership has been broken up a couple of times by scheduling conflicts, are happiest alongside each other.

"The only time we don't play together is when we are not together at the tournaments and we want to play doubles then we play with other partners," Kristyna said. "But it's not the same because with the other we don't feel comfortable.

"If we miss a ball we keep saying sorry. We were scared at the beginning to play with other partners. The truth is that the connection that we have with each other does not exist with anyone else."