Through the Elena Baltacha Foundation, a young up-and-coming British tennis player had the night of a lifetime meeting the game’s biggest stars at the WTA Pre-Wimbledon Party.
WTA Staff

LONDON, Great Britain – The WTA Pre-Wimbledon Party is always a night to remember, but for a young British tennis hopeful, the experience was unforgettable.

Jessica Terry, an up-and-coming tennis player and the No.1 British player in her age group, was chosen by the Elena Baltacha Foundation to mingle with the game’s biggest stars at the WTA Pre-Wimbledon Party on Thursday night.

The Elena Baltacha Foundation honors the memory of the late former British No.1 player by finding a way for all children, rich or poor, to play tennis.

“Nino [Severino] has done a fantastic job of keeping the legacy of Baltacha going,” said Naomi Broady, who escorted Jessica down the purple carpet. “She was a great friend to many of the players here tonight.

“It was Bally’s dream to make tennis available to everybody, and that’s exactly what [the foundation] is doing. It’s a fantastic organization, and it enables players like Jessica to come down here and meet a lot of the players, and hopefully she’ll be playing against us in the future.”

All the players made sure little Jess had an unforgettable night, stopping by for a chat and selfies with the young tennis hopeful.

Also in honor of Bally’s memory, singer-songwriter Alexander Joseph has released a tribute single, “Never Gone,” which is available for download here.

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