Serena Williams, Victoria Azarenka, Li Na, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer and Andy Murray were all asked about Marion Bartoli's sudden retirement in Cincinnati this week - here's what they said.
WTA Staff

CINCINNATI, OH, USA - The stars of the WTA and ATP World Tour have been reacting to Marion Bartoli's sudden retirement announcement in their press conferences in Cincinnati. Read on...

Serena Williams: "Marion Bartoli is such a great fighter and she has a great attitude. I remember the first time I saw her, I was actually in Paris for the Paris Indoor Championships. It was a long, long, long time ago, probably in the early 2000s, and I just remember her being so young and working so hard, and that was her whole career. It just shows you how much and how far you can go by working so hard. She's had a great career by winning Wimbledon as well - it doesn't get better than that."

Victoria Azarenka: "Everybody has to respect it because it's Marion's life, Marion's career. I think it's very brave. She was chasing her dream for such a long time and when she got it, it felt good.

"She's a great competitor. She's always been great on the tour. She's a very different player from everybody else. I have to give her a lot of credit for making so much of her career. And it's been a pleasure to play against her. She's a very challenging opponent. And we're all going to remember her as a Wimbledon champion, so I think that's a very good memory to have. I wish her all the best."

Li Na: "I think I was the last one playing that night, so I may have been one of the first to hear the news, but anyway, when I heard the news, I was a little bit shocked. I mean, just a month and a half ago she won Wimbledon. I thought, 'She should have a lot of confidence right now to win more titles.' But at the same time I can understand this, because of course you've got a lot of pressure, and she always worked pretty hard. Anyway, she has decided to retire. I really hope she will enjoy life."

Rafael Nadal: "It was a big surprise. But she feels that it's the moment, so the only thing that we can say is congratulations to her for the career that she had. And that was amazing that she finished her career with a Grand Slam title - winning Wimbledon a few months ago is just great. I wish her all the best for the rest of her life and big success in the new projects that she will probably have."

Roger Federer: "Everybody who announces their retirement should be very happy and proud of what they achieved. It comes clearly at a time when maybe you wouldn't expect her to do so. But when somebody takes that decision, you can only be happy for that person, not sad. Clearly her fans are going to be disappointed, but you look back at a long, tough, grueling career, she can do that too.

"She had a great work ethic. For that reason I congratulate her for the difficult step to retire."

Andy Murray: "She worked exceptionally hard to get to where she's got to. She deserved to win a Grand Slam, and maybe it was the right time for her to stop because of how hard she needed to work. But it was obviously surprising because you don't see it that often in sport where people kind of finish on the top, in a way. But it's nice to finish your career as Wimbledon champion, that's for sure."