What were the biggest takeaways from Maria Sharapova's first press conference at the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix?
WTA Insider Courtney Nguyen

On the prospects of getting a wildcard into Roland Garros:

I don’t think my mind is there yet. I know there's been a lot of talk about the French Open wildcard and whether I’ll be playing or not. But coming from someone who hasn’t competed for 15 months, the importance of this tournament and the next and the following are all crucial as well. And I can’t get ahead of myself.

I know Grand Slams are important and I’ve been victorious there. Paris is an incredible city and I’ve been able to turn around my track record to win two Grand Slams there; it would be amazing to be a part of it. But my focus is so much on this tournament and the next three. They are just as important.

If you think about someone that’s missed that period of time in their career, the tournaments you play to get the form back and the rust off are just as important for me.

On whether she is angry about her 15-month suspension:

Not at all. I’m not an individual that is angry or bitter. I let things go pretty quickly and I move on to the next stage. Over the past months I’ve been very present in everything that I’ve done, even when I knew that I’ll be coming back in April.

Many people were asking me, 'Are you looking forward to April? Are you excited about April?' And I didn’t think about April, in November, in December, in January, even a month ago, I wasn’t there. I was very much present in my life. There are a lot of things that I did I probably would never have done in my twenties. I experienced it and I was very present living it. I was studying, I was learning, I was working, I grew my business, I formed friendships, that I didn’t ever have the time to form.

As a woman, as a 29-year old that was very liberating. So, was it a way that I wanted to experience those things? Absolutely not. But I'm glad I had that opportunity.

On the prospect of the media focusing on her suspension for the next few years:

I can’t control what people say and I never have. The only thing I can control is what I do out there and those are my words.

I’m always prepared to walk the walk and I have and I’ve done that by winning five Grand Slams and being No.1 in the world.

On Serena Williams' pregnancy news:

I think it’s one of the greatest gifts that a woman can receive in life. Yes, it's really a blessing. It’s a beautiful chapter in her life.

On what she missed most about being on tour:

I love being in situations where I have to figure out a way how to get through and how to win. I think that’s one of the things that the sports teaches you from a young age. It puts you in certain positions where you have to adjust, so you have to keep your focus, keep playing the same way, know what you did right to get there, or if you are down you have to turn around as quickly as possible.

So, it’s a jigsaw puzzle and I missed that feeling.