No, really. Simona Halep might play fearlessly on the tennis court, but off of it she's actually terrified of one very popular pet. Find out this and more facts about your favorite Romanian tennis star.
WTA Staff

1. Simona's been red-hot all year long.
While some players peak and fade away, Simona's stayed consistent throughout the season. In fact, she's earned more points at WTA events than any other player (3,149 points), and owns the tour's second-best win-loss record at 44-14, trailing only World No.1 Angelique Kerber.

2. She was on a 13-match win streak earlier this year.
Want proof of just how consistent Simona has been? This summer she won back to back titles in Bucharest and Montréal and made a quarterfinal run in Cincinnati. She racked up a 13-match winning streak along the way.

3. Despite her fierce tennis, she's kind of a snooze.
Simona can put in the hard work on the hardcourts, but if a match ends too late, it throws off her whole schedule. According to Simona: "I go to sleep around 10:00. I am boring. And I wake up around 8:00, 9:00. Yeah, I need to do like a baby, to do a whole schedule."

Here's a full breakdown of her rigorous sleeping and napping schedule, right here:

4. You could also say she's a bit of a fraidy cat.
Most people are afraid of spiders or sharks or even the dark, but not Simona. One surprising fact about the fearless Romanian is that she's very afraid? of cats.

Good thing she wasn't there in Doha when this happened:

5. She's got a weird pre-match superstition.
It's not lucky socks, it's? a lucky shower? Before every match, Simona has to use the same shower as the one she picked at the start of the tournament. Whatever keeps those win streaks going.

6. She's addicted to checking her cell phone.
She even does it before a match! Simona admitted that the first thing she does when she wakes up in the morning is to check her cell phone, and the Romanian doesn't let it out of her sight. She's constantly texting - both in Romanian and English - and speaks to her mom all the time.

Simona discussed the extent of her phone addiction, right here:

7. Her guilty pleasure is pretty simple.
Simona said in Madrid: "My guilty pleasure is that I'm eating a lot of chocolate. I know that it's not very good, but I still eat it."

8. Simona's just booked her ticket to Singapore - for the third year in a row.
By virtue of reaching the semifinals in Wuhan, Simona secured her spot in the BNP Paribas WTA Finals Singapore presented by SC Global.

"It means a lot to qualify for the WTA Finals Singapore - it was one of my goals this year," she said. "It will be my third time in a row competing at the WTA Finals and I hope I play great. I have great memories from 2014 and am confident I can do well. I will be very focused."

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