WTA legend Billie Jean King launched her new website this week. Read on and take a click around at billiejeanking.com!
WTA Staff
September 15, 2017

It's been a milestone month for WTA legend Billie Jean King: she was celebrated and honored at the US Open ahead of launch of the movie 'Battle of the Sexes,' and in conjunction with the film, the WTA legend has a new website: billiejeanking.com.

The digital archives of the site tell the story of the pioneer's career in words and photos, chronicling her tennis career, her activisim, and her fight for equal prize money -- which was on full display at the US Open, as both women's champion Sloane Stephens and men's champion Rafael Nadal took home record purses for winning the event.

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The film, starring actress Emma Stone as King and Steve Carrell as Bobby Riggs in the retelling of the 1973 titular match that changed the course of tennis history, is set to hit theaters in the United States on limited release on Sept. 22.

It will go wide the following week, on Sept. 29.

"I'm just excited for everyone. I hope this movie is relevant. I hope it helps younger people to know the story, but more importantly, what are we going to do with now and the future? I hope it will help everyone in some way," King said at the US Open.

"I hope if even one more person becomes comfortable in their own skin from this, then that's also really going to be helpful so we can all be our authentic self. It really speaks loudly to that."