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Martina Navratilova took women's tennis to a new level with her speed, determination and agility. She won the Wimbledon women's singles title a record nine times and has been described by many as "the greatest singles, doubles, and mixed doubles player who's ever lived". In all, Martina has won 18 Grand Slam singles titles, 31 Grand Slam women's doubles titles (an all-time record), and 10 Grand Slam mixed doubles titles; in total she has won 59 Grand Slam titles. She still plays at all the Grand Slams where she takes part in the legends doubles.
Martina has been described as honest, feisty, self-deprecating, courageous, controversial and a Rennaisance woman. She's always told it from the heart, never flinching from an unpopular comment or cause if she believes it to be right. She is a global icon for lesbian and gay rights and is, as she describes it herself, a citizen of the world. In 2014 Martina married her long-time partner Julia Lemigova. They live in Miami with their two daughters and many animals.
When not playing tennis, Martina is involved with various charities that benefit animal rights, underprivileged children, LGBT rights and the environment. In 2006, she wrote ‘Shape Your Self’ - a guide to health and fitness. In 1985 Martina released an autobiography, co-written with New York Times sports columnist George Vecsey, titled 'Martina' in the US and ‘Being Myself' in the rest of the world. In 1982 she has also co-written a tennis instruction book with Mary Carillo titled 'Tennis My Way'. She later co-wrote three mystery novels with Liz Nickles: ‘The Total Zone’ (1994); ‘Breaking point’ (1996); and ‘Killer Instinct’ (1997).
Martina now spends her time between being at home and broadcasting as a presenter/commentator for the BBC, Tennis Channel and BT Sport. She also travels the world extensively giving speaking engagements on a variety of issues and taking part in other corporate activities.

Career Highlights

Winner (167): 1994 - Paris [Indoors]; 1993 - Tokyo [Pan Pacific], Paris [Indoors], Eastbourne, Los Angeles, Oakland; 1992 - Chicago, US Hardcourts, Los Angeles, Filderstadt; 1991 - Chicago, Palm Springs, Birmingham, Eastbourne, Oakland; 1990 - Wimbledon, Chicago, Washington DC, Indian Wells, Hilton Head, Eastbourne; 1989 - Los Angeles, Dallas, New England, Sydney, Tokyo [Pan Pacific], Birmingham, Eastbourne, Canadian Open; 1988 - Dallas, Oakland, Washington DC, New England, Chicago, Hilton Head, Amelia Island, Eastbourne, Filderstadt; 1987 - Wimbledon, US Open, Filderstadt, Chicago; 1986 - Wimbledon, US Open, WTA Championships [March], WTA Championships [November], Eastbourne, Washington DC, Filderstadt, US Indoors, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New Orleans, New England [January], New England [November]; 1985 - Australian Open, Wimbledon, WTA Championships, Miami, Eastbourne, Sydney, Washington DC, Houston, Dallas, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Brisbane; 1984 - Roland Garros, Wimbledon, US Open, WTA Championships, Amelia Island, Eastbourne, US Indoors, Sydney, Orlando, Newport, Mahwah, Fort Lauderdale, New Orleans; 1983 - Australian Open, Wimbledon, US Open, WTA Championships, Eastbourne, Canadian Open, Tampa, Filderstadt, Tokyo [Lions Cup], Hilton Head, Washington DC, Houston, Chicago, Dallas, Orlando, Los Angeles; 1982 - Roland Garros, Wimbledon, Toyota Championships, Eastbourne, Canadian Open, Filderstadt, Washington DC, Seattle, Chicago, Kansas City, Dallas, Sydney, Hilton Head, Orlando, Brighton; 1981 - Australian Open, WTA Championships, Los Angeles, Cincinnati, Dallas, Chicago, Orlando, US Indoors, Tampa, Tokyo [Lions Cup]; 1980 - Colgate Series Championships, Kansas City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Oakland, Dallas, Amelia Island, Orlando, Canadian Open, Richmond, Tokyo; 1979 - Wimbledon, WTA Championships, Oakland, Houston, Dallas, Chicago, Richmond, Atlanta, Phoenix, Brighton; 1978 - Wimbledon, WTA Championships, Washington DC, Houston, Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, Detroit, Kansas City, Eastbourne, Phoenix; 1977 - Washington DC, Houston, Minnesota, Detroit, Edinburgh, Charlotte; 1976 - Houston, Sydney; 1975 - Washington DC, Boston, Denver, Charlotte; 1974 - Orlando.

Winner (177): 2006 - Strasbourg (w/Huber), Montréal (w/Petrova); 2005 - Toronto (w/Groenefeld); 2004 - Vienna (w/Raymond); 2003 - Gold Coast, Dubai, Rome, Toronto, Leipzig (all w/Kuznetsova), Sarasota (w/Huber), Philadelphia (w/Raymond); 2002 - Madrid (w/Zvereva); 1994 - Houston, Zürich (both w/Bollegraf); 1993 - Tokyo [Pan Pacific] (w/Sukova), Birmingham (w/McNeil), Zürich (w/Garrison); 1992 - Chicago, US Hardcourts (both w/Shriver); 1991 - WTA Championships (w/Shriver), Barcelona (w/Sánchez-Vicario), Filderstadt (w/Novotna); 1990 - US Open, Hamburg (both w/G.Fernandez), Chicago (w/Smith), Washington DC (w/Garrison), Hilton Head (w/Sánchez-Vicario); 1989 - Australian Open, WTA Championships, New England, Sydney (all w/Shriver), US Open, Hilton Head (both w/Mandlikova), Los Angeles (w/Turnbull); 1988 - Australian Open, Roland Garros, WTA Championships, New England, Washington DC (all w/Shriver), Oakland (w/Casals), Hilton Head (w/McNeil), Filderstadt (w/Kuczynska); 1987 - Australian Open, Roland Garros, US Open, WTA Championships, Miami, Los Angeles, Filderstadt (all w/Shriver), Rome (w/Sabatini), Houston (w/Jordan); 1986 - Roland Garros, Marco Island (both w/Temesvari), Wimbledon, US Open, WTA Championships [Nov], Washington DC, New England [Jan], Eastbourne, Los Angeles, Filderstadt, New England [Nov] (all w/Shriver); 1985 - Australian Open, Roland Garros, WTA Championships [March], US Indoors, Orlando, Eastbourne, Brisbane (all w/Shriver), Miami, Washington DC, Canadian Open (all w/G.Fernandez), Houston (w/Burgin); 1984 - Australian Open, Roland Garros, Wimbledon, US Open, WTA Championships [March], Oakland, US Indoors, Eastbourne, Mahwah, New Orleans, Brisbane (all w/Shriver), Fort Lauderdale (w/Smylie); 1983 - Australian Open, Wimbledon, US Open, WTA Championships, Washington DC, Houston, Chicago, Dallas, Eastbourne, Los Angeles, Tampa (all w/Shriver), Hilton Head, Stuttgart (both w/Reynolds); 1982 - Australian Open, Wimbledon, Avon Circuit Championships, Toyota Circuit Championships, Chicago, Dallas, Hilton Head, Bridgestone, Eastbourne, Stuttgart, Brighton, Sydney (all w/Shriver), Roland Garros (w/Smith), Canadian Open (w/Reynolds); 1981 - Wimbledon, Avon Circuit Championships, Toyota Circuit Championships, Chicago, Dallas, Orlando, Eastbourne, Canadian Open, US Indoors, Sydney (all w/Shriver), Stuttgart (w/Jausovec); 1980 - Australian Open (w/Nagelsen), US Open, Avon Championships, Washington DC, Kansas City, Chicago, Dallas, Bridgestone, Richmond (all w/King), Los Angeles (w/Casals), Mahwah (w/Reynolds); 1979 - Wimbledon, US Indoors, Stuttgart (all w/King), Houston (w/Newberry), Dallas (w/Smith), Hilton Head, San Diego (both w/Casals); 1978 - US Open, Washington DC, Houston, Detroit, Kansas City, Bridgestone, Boston, Hilton Head, Palm Springs (all w/King), Dallas, Clearwater (both w/Smith); 1977 - US Open, Washington DC, Hollywood, Houston, Detroit, Dallas, Bridgestone, Charlotte, Atlanta (all w/Stove), Bloomington (w/Casals), Phoenix (w/King); 1976 - Wimbledon, Palm Springs (both w/Evert), Sarasota, Bridgestone, Charlotte, Atlanta, Sydney (all w/Stove), Phoenix (w/King); 1975 - Roland Garros, Chicago, Rome (all w/Evert), Detroit (w/Hunt); 1974 - Dallas (w/I.Fernandez).

Winner (10): 2006 - US Open (w/B.Bryan); 2003 - Australian Open, Wimbledon (both w/Paes); 1995 - Wimbledon (w/Stark); 1993 - Wimbledon (w/Woodforde); 1987 - US Open (w/Sánchez); 1985 - Roland Garros, US Open (both w/Gunthardt), Wimbledon (w/McNamee); 1974 - Roland Garros (w/Molina).

ADDITIONAL United States Fed Cup Team 1982-86, 1989, 1995, 2003-04. Czech Fed Cup Team 1975. United States Wightman Cup Team 1983. United States Olympic Team 2004.

Career in Review

- Won 18 Grand Slam titles, including all-time record 9 at Wimbledon (also 4 US Opens, 3 Australian Opens and 2 French Opens); completed career Grand Slam at 1983 US Open (held all four Grand Slams at same time when winning 1984 French Open); fell two matches short of completing calendar-year Grand Slam in 1984 (l. to Sukova in SFs of Australian Open); won 6 straight Grand Slam titles in 1983/84 (equalled record of Connolly & Court).
- Won 31 Grand Slam doubles titles and 10 Grand Slam mixed doubles titles.
- 1 of 3 women to win singles, doubles and mixed at least once at every Grand Slam (also Court & Hart); won all three titles at 1987 US Open.
- 167 singles titles and 177 doubles titles are all-time records for any player, male or female; also swept singles and doubles at same events a record 84 times.
- Rose to No.1 on July 10, 1978 after winning first Grand Slam title at Wimbledon (332 weeks at No.1 is second all-time to Graf).
- Was also first player to rank No.1 in singles and doubles at the same time (in 1984).
- Posted best season winning percentage in Open Era in 1983 (.989... 86-1).
- Owns longest winning streaks of Open Era in singles (74) and doubles (109 w/Shriver).
- Went 20-0 in Fed Cup singles and 20-1 in Fed Cup doubles (lost last match she played).
- Played WTA Championships a record 21 times (won 8 singles and 11 doubles titles).
- Retired from singles at end of 1994; played doubles and mixed in 1995-96; did not play 1997-99; played doubles again 2000-06 as well as 7 singles events in 2002-05, and at 2004 Wimbledon became oldest woman to win a singles match in Open Era (47 years, 8 months); played final match of career in 2006 US Open mixed doubles final (became oldest woman to win a Grand Slam title, a month short of 50th birthday - won w/B.Bryan).