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Started playing tennis at age 9 when parents gave her a racquet ... Married American Sean McCarthy in Heemstede, Holland, on April 8, 1995 ... Husband played American football at the University of Cincinnati ... Father's name is Jan; mother, Rita, passed away in early 1995 ... Whole family plays tennis ... Hobbies include all sports, especially boogieboarding, horseback riding, rafting, kayaking, mountain biking, rollerblading and wave running; favorite sport is skiing; plays a lot of basketball to stay fit and has really grown to like it ... Has been approached by a publisher to write a book about her adventures on the Tour.

Career Highlights

Winner (7): 1997 - QuTbec City; 1996 - Oklahoma City; 1995 - Oklahoma City, QuTbec City; 1994 - ITF/Midland, MI-USA; 1993 - Taranto; 1992 - Birmingham; 1991 - Schenectady; 1987 - ITF/Chicago, IL-USA.
Finalist (9): 1994 - Oklahoma City, Berlin, Palermo, QuTbec City; 1992 - Palermo, Schenectady; 1989 - Brisbane; 1988 - Oklahoma City, Taipei.

Winner (9): 1996 - Oklahoma City, Indian Wells (both w/Rubin), Hamburg (w/Sßnchez-Vicario), Rosmalen (w/Neiland), QuTbec City (w/Graham); 1995 - Chicago, Toronto [Canadian Open] (both w/Sabatini); 1993 - Taranto (w/Graham); 1989 - Tampa (w/Temesvari).
Finalist (10): 1997 - Hannover (w/Neiland); 1995 - US Open (w/Stubbs), Oklahoma City (w/Adams), Leipzig (w/Vis); 1994 - Rome, Philadelphia (both w/Sabatini); 1993 - Berlin (w/Graham), Palermo (w/Farina Elia); 1990 - Nashville (w/Vis); 1989 û Arcachon (w/Paz).

Semifinalist (1): 1997 - US Open (w/L.Jensen).

Dutch Fed Cup Team, 1988-1990, 1992, 1994, 1996-97, 2005.

Career in Review

1986 - Made pro debut in doubles at $10K ITF/Budapest-HUN, reaching QF (w/Van Kinderen).

1987 - Made Tour debut in Roland Garros qualifying, failing to reach main draw; made career Grand Slam main draw debut at US Open (as qualifier, l. to Goles in 1r); captured first pro title at $10K ITF/Chicago, IL-USA.

1988 - Reached first two Tour singles finals, at Oklahoma City (d. Novotna en route; l. to McNeil in final) and Taipei (l. to Rehe in final); reached first Grand Slam 4r at Roland Garros (l. to Sabatini); 0-1 in Fed Cup play (l. to Sßnchez-Vicario).

1989 - Finished runner-up at Brisbane (l. to Sukova in final) and equaled best Grand Slam performance to date with 4r finish at Australian Open (l. to Cordwell); reached two Tour doubles finals, capturing title at Tampa (w/Temesvari) and finishing runner-up at Arcachon (w/Paz); 1-1 in Fed Cup play (d. Goles; l. to Sßnchez-Vicario).

1990 - Reached SF at Brisbane and again equaled best Grand Slam showing with 4r finish at Wimbledon; doubles runner-up at Nashville (w/Vis); 6-0 in Fed Cup play (3-0 in singles and 3-0 in doubles w/Bollegraf).

1991 - Captured career-first Tour singles title at Schenectady; also notched first two Top 10 wins of career, against world No.7 Novotna at Wimbledon (en route to another 4r finish there; l. to Capriati in 3s) and also No.7 Fernandez at Philadelphia (en route to QF finish there; l. to Sßnchez-Vicario in 3s).

1992 - Captured second career Tour singles title at Birmingham; also finished runner-up at Palermo (l. to Pierce in 3s) and Schenectady (l. to Rittner); 0-1 in Fed Cup play (l. to Graf) and reached 2r at Barcelona Olympics (also l. to Graf).

1993 - Career-first title sweep at Taranto, winning both singles and doubles (w/Graham); notched third Top 10 win of career vs. No.7 Capriati at Berlin (en route to QF finish; l. to Martfnez); another Grand Slam 4r finish at Roland Garros (l. to Fernandez in 3s); captured doubles title at Taranto (w/Graham), also reached finals at Berlin (w/Graham) and Palermo (w/Farina Elia).

1994 - Four-time Tour singles runner-up, at Oklahoma City (l. to McGrath), Berlin (l. to Graf), Palermo (l. to Spirlea) and QuTbec City (l. to K.Maleeva); notched best match win of career vs. No.2 Sßnchez-Vicario at Miami (en route to SF finish; l. to Zvereva), also d. No.7 Davenport at Philadelphia for fifth career Top 10 win (en route to QF; l. again to Zvereva); won second career ITF Circuit singles title; 0-2 in Fed Cup play (l. to Zvereva, Kruger); made season-ending Championships singles debut, falling 1r to Graf; belted 22 aces against Majoli in Birmingham QF for new record.

1995 - Won fourth and fifth career Tour singles titles, at Oklahoma City and QuTbec City; reached only two Grand Slam QFs of career back-to-back, at Wimbledon (l. to eventual runner-up Sßnchez-Vicario; first Dutch woman to reach Wimbledon QF since Betty Stove, 1977 finalist) and US Open (d. No.6 Date en route, falling to Martinez in 3s; first Dutch woman since Stove to reach the QF there since 1977); recorded career-best season-ending Championships finish, reaching singles SF (d. Mag.Maleeva and Martfnez en route; l. to Huber); reached five Tour doubles finals, winning at Chicago and Toronto [Canadian Open] (both w/Sabatini) and finishing runner-up three times, including US Open (w/Stubbs).

1996 - Captured sixth career Tour singles title at Oklahoma City (d. Coetzer in final); notched two more Top 10 victories, vs. No.10 Fernandez at Sydney (en route to SF finish there; l. to Seles) and vs. No.6 Davenport at Oakland (en route to SF; l. to Hingis); made her own Top 10 debut (at No.10) on March 4, reaching career-high No.9 on May 20; reached 3r at Atlanta Olympics (l. to Sßnchez-Vicario); qualified for season-ending Championships, falling 1r (l. to Sßnchez-Vicario); won an impressive five Tour doubles titles, at Oklahoma City and Indian Wells (both w/Rubin), Hamburg (w/Sßnchez-Vicario), Rosmalen (w/Neiland) and Quebec City (w/Graham).

1997 - Won seventh (and most recent) Tour singles title at QuTbec City; notched four Top 10 victories (bringing career tally to 12), vs. No.4 Martfnez at Tokyo [Pan Pacific] (en route to SF; l. to Graf), vs. No.3 Novotna and No.8 Davenport at Hilton Head (en route to SF; l. to Hingis in 3s) and vs. No.2 Seles at Eastbourne (equal career-best win en route to SF finish; l. to Sßnchez-Vicario); 3-3 in Fed Cup play, incl. 1-1 in 4-1 Fed Cup Final defeat to France (d. Pierce, l. to Testud; was The Netherlands' first finals appearance); qualified for fourth straight season-ending Championships, falling 1r (l. to Hingis).

1998 - Disappointing beginning to season, reaching one QF (at Gold Coast) and falling early at both Australian Open and Roland Garros; took time off the Tour due to back surgery for a herniated disc.

1999 - Returned to action at Roland Garros after missing a year (due to back surgery), but fell 1r in both singles (l. to Molik in 3s) and doubles (w/Wild); did not play the rest of the year due to back pain.

2000-2004 - Did not play.

2005 - Returned to play Fed Cup for The Netherlands (2-2 record).

2006 - Returned to the Tour, falling in second round of qualifying at first two events contested (Tokyo [Pan Pacific], Memphis).

Singles Career High Ranking
Highest Singles
May 20, 1996
Doubles Career High Ranking
Highest Doubles
Oct 02, 1995