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Currently coached by Carlos Porfirio ... Favorite surface is clay; favorite shot is backhand ... Introduced to tennis at age 5 by her father, Carlos, an accountant; mother, Rita, is a math teacher; has one brother, Eugenio, and three sisters, Monica, Daniela and Maria Alejandra ... Moved from San Francisco, Argentina to Buenos Aires at age 19 ... Speaks Spanish, Italian and English ... Favorite book is "The Alchemist" ... Enjoys playing volleyball, basketball and listening to music ... Most memorable experiences were qualifying for the Australian Open and Wimbledon in 2007 ... Admires Pete Sampras and Roger Federer.

Career Highlights

Winner: 2008 - ITF/Campos do Jordao-BRA; 2007 - ITF/Marseille-FRA; 2006 - ITF/Coatzacoalcos-MEX, ITF/Palm Beach Gardens, FL-USA, ITF/Saltillo-MEX, ITF/Victoria-MEX, ITF/Santa Cruz-BOL; 2005 - ITF/Tucuman-ARG, ITF/Asunción-PAR; 2004 - ITF/Los Mochis-MEX; 2003 - ITF/Asunción-PAR; 2001 - ITF/Puerto Ordaz-VEN, ITF/La Paz-BOL; 2000 - ITF/Itajai-BRA.

Winner: 2009 - ITF/Surprise, AZ-USA (w/Ivanova), ITF/Irapuato-MEX (w/Spiegel); 2008 - ITF/Civitavecchia-ITA, ITF/Juárez-MEX (both w/Jozami), ITF/México City-MEX (w/Spiegel); 2007 - ITF/Orange, CA-USA (w/Hsieh), ITF/Saint Gaudens-FRA (w/Kustava), ITF/Madrid 1-ESP, ITF/Washington DC-USA (both w/Jozami); 2006 - ITF/Santa Cruz-BOL (w/Cortez); 2005 - ITF/Morelia 1-MEX (w/Spiegel), ITF/Tampico-MEX (w/Chevalier), ITF/Los Mochis-MEX, ITF/Mazatlan-MEX (both w/Mignola); 2004 - ITF/Los Mochis-MEX (w/Mignola), ITF/Salta-ARG (w/Esperón); 2003 - ITF/San Luis Potosí-MEX, ITF/Parana-ARG (both w/García Sokol), ITF/Asunción-PAR (w/Tiene); 2002 - ITF/Matamoros-MEX, ITF/Victoria-MEX (both w/Tiene), ITF/Coatzacoalcos-MEX (w/Torres); 2001 - ITF/Parana-ARG (w/Krauth), ITF/México City-MEX (w/Llaguno), ITF/San Salvador-ELS (w/Tiene); 2000 - ITF/Itajai-BRA (w/Salgues), ITF/Lido di Camaiore-ITA (w/Chialvo), ITF/Asunción-PAR, ITF/Montevideo-URU (both w/Dulko); 1998 - ITF/Córdoba-ARG (w/Chialvo).

Argentine Fed Cup Team, 2008-09.

Career in Review

1998 - In first event of career, won ITF/Cordoba-ARG doubles title (w/Chialvo).

1999 - Continued to play on ITF Circuit.

2000 - Won one singles title and four doubles titles on ITF Circuit.

2001 - Won two singles title and three doubles titles on ITF Circuit.

2002 - Played first Tour qualifying at Madrid and Palermo; won three doubles titles on ITF Circuit.

2003 - Fell in Tour qualifying twice; won one singles title and three doubles titles on ITF Circuit.

2004 - Fell in Tour qualifying once; won one singles title and two doubles titles on ITF Circuit.

2005 - Won two singles titles and four doubles titles on ITF Circuit.

2006 - Fell in Tour qualifying three times (incl. US Open); won five singles titles and one doubles title on ITF Circuit.

2007 - Played first five Tour main draws, reaching 2r at Bogota but falling 1r four times (incl. Australian Open, Wimbledon, US Open); fell in Tour Tour qualifying five times (incl. Roland Garros); won one singles title and four doubles titles on ITF Circuit.

2008 - Fell 1r once and in Tour qualifying eight times (incl. all four majors); won one singles title and three doubles titles on ITF Circuit.