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Coached by Alan Jones...Chief interests include golf, music, reading, skiing twice a year when possible, and films...Enthusiastic supporter of Bristol City soccer club...Represents a number of businesses which support grassroots tennis in Great Britain...Likes pasta, a glass of wine and snow skiing in Switzerland.

Career Highlights

Winner: 1983 - Mahwah, Sydney.
Finalist: 1990 - Newport; 1983 - Brighton; 1982 - Greenville; 1980 - Beckenham.

Winner: 1990 - Singapore (w/Hetherington); 1983 - German Open (w/Hobbs), Boston (w/Kiyomura), Mahwah (w/Walsh-Pete); 1982 - Birmingham (w/Hobbs).
Finalist: 1993 - Paris Indoors (w/Suire); 1991 - St. Petersburg (w/Demongeot); 1990 - Leipzig (w/Bollegraf), Brighton (w/Zvereva); 1989 - Boca Raton (w/MJ.Fernandez); 1984 - Virginia Slims Championships (w/Kiyomura), Mahwah (w/Kiyomura), US Indoors (w/Kiyomura), Eastbourne (w/Kiyomura).

Winner: 1991 - Australian Open (w/Bates); 1987 - Wimbledon (w/Bates).

British Wightman Cup Team 1979, 1981-89. British Fed Cup Team 1981-87, 1989-93. British European Team 1989-92.

Career in Review

ò Forced to default to Kimiko Date in second round of 1993 Eastbourne due to muscle soreness around recently-operated knee
ò Reached fourth round of 1991 US Open; included victory over Helena Sukova before falling to Jennifer Capriati
ò Ranked No. 1 in Great Britain for 1982-84; 1986-87, 1990; No. 2 in 1985 and 1988-89
ò Underwent back surgery in December 1980, left the tour for eight months; returned with 15-match win streak
ò Reached Top 10 in 1983; Top 5 in January 1984
ò Won British Nationals 1983-84, 1986-87 and 1990-91; also won eight national doubles titles
ò Has other career wins over Graf, Garrison, A. Huber, Shriver, Austin, Mandlikova and K. Maleeva