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Has been working with Steve Herdoiza for the last 9 years; formerly coached by John Trump ... Skipped Tour in spring 1990 to graduate Magna Cum Laude from high school ... Plans to become a math teacher after tennis ... Continues playing tennis because she just loves to play ... Idolized Chris Evert for her game and demeanor ... Biggest career win was against then-world No.1 Hingis at 2000 San Diego ... Favorite movie is The Cutting Edge; favorite musicians are Dave Matthews Band and David Gray ... Also enjoys ceramic painting, biking.

Career Highlights

Winner (8): 2005 - Québec City, ITF/Houston 2, TX-USA; 2004 - Hobart; 2002 - ITF/Fresno, CA-USA: 1999 - Tokyo [Japan Open]; 1998 - ITF/Mahwah, NJ-USA; 1995 - Tokyo [Japan Open]; 1994 - Los Angeles; 1992 - Lucerne; 1990 - Oklahoma; 1989 - Wichita; 1987 - ITF/Kona, HI-USA.
Finalist (7): 2003 - Hobart; 2000 - Tokyo [Japan Open]; 1997 - Tokyo [Japan Open]; 1996 - Tokyo [Japan Open]; 1994 - Tokyo [Japan Open], Tokyo [Nichirei]; 1990 - Tokyo [Nichirei].
Semifinalist (32): 2006 - Memphis; 2005 - Auckland; 2004 - Vienna, Stanford, Cincinnati; 2002 - Hobart, Tokyo [Princess Cup]; 2000 - Hobart, San Diego, Québec City; 1999 - Hobart, Madrid, Stanford, Tokyo [Princess Cup], Québec City; 1998 - Tokyo [Japan Open]; 1997 - Los Angeles; 1995 - Oklahoma; 1994 - Oklahoma, Lucerne; 1993 - Sydney, Philadelphia; 1992 - Oklahoma, San Antonio, Tokyo [Japan Open]; 1991 - Tokyo [Nichirei]; 1990 - Sydney, Indian Wells, Scottsdale; 1989 - Albuquerque, Indianapolis; 1987 - Brazilian Open.

Winner (4): 2005 - ITF/Ashland, KY-USA (w/Ashley); 2003 - ITF/Pittsburgh, PA-USA (w/Lee); 2002 - ITF/Pittsburgh, PA-USA (w/Embry); 1999 - Québec City (w/Schlukebir); 1998 - ITF/Mahwah, NJ-USA (w/Hiraki); 1992 - Tokyo [Japan Open] (w/Hiraki), Lucerne (w/Reinach); 1991 - Tokyo [Japan Open] (w/Kidowaki); 1987 - ITF/Tarzana, CA-USA (w/Gurney).
Finalist (9): 2000 - Stanford (w/Black); 1998 - Tokyo [Japan Open] (w/Hiraki); 1997 - San Diego (w/Po); 1996 - Tokyo [Japan Open], Los Angeles, Québec City (all w/Po); 1994 - Tokyo [Nichirei] (w/Hiraki); 1993 - Chicago (w/Po); 1990 - Puerto Rico (w/Richardson).
Semifinalist (11): 2002 - Hobart (w/Husarova); 2000 - Hobart (w/Schlukebir); 1999 - Tokyo [Japan Open] (w/Schlukebir); 1997 - Sydney, Oklahoma (both w/Po); 1996 - Oklahoma (w/Po); 1995 - Strasbourg (w/Po); 1994 - Indian Wells (w/Po); 1992 - Tokyo [Nichirei] (w/Hiraki); 1989 - Wichita (w/Carroll); 1987 - Brazilian Open (w/Spadea).

United States Fed Cup Team, 1995.

Career in Review

1986 - Made first appearance in four Tour qualifying events.

1987 - SF at Brazilian Open; fell 1r three times (incl. US Open); fell in qualifying five times (incl. Roland Garros, Wimbledon); on ITF Circuit, one singles and one doubles title.

1988 - QF twice, incl. Los Angeles (d. No.4 Shriver for first Top 10 win); played all four majors for first time.

1989 - First Tour singles title at Wichita; SF at Albuquerque (d. No.7 Maleeva-Fragnière) and Indianapolis; QF once.

1990 - Second Tour singles title at Oklahoma (d. No.7 Maleeva-Fragnière); runner-up at Tokyo [Nichirei] (d. No.3 Seles and No.7 K.Maleeva); SF at Sydney, Indian Wells (d. No.9 Martínez) and Scottsdale; QF three times; doubles runner-up at Puerto Rico (w/Richardson).

1991 - SF at Tokyo [Nichirei]; QF four times; reached 4r at Australian Open; doubles title at Tokyo [Japan Open] (w/Kidowaki).

1992 - Third Tour singles title at Lucerne; SF at Oklahoma, San Antonio and Tokyo [Japan Open]; QF five times, incl. Australian Open (first major QF); reached 4r at Wimbledon (d. No.7 MJ.Fernandez); qualified for Tour Championships for first time (l. 1r to Sabatini); doubles titles at Tokyo [Japan Open] (w/Hiraki), Lucerne (w/Reinach).

1993 - SF at Sydney and Philadelphia (d. No.6 Sabatini); QF once; doubles runner-up at Chicago (w/Po); missed six months (February-September) w/chronic case of the flu.

1994 - Fourth Tour singles title at Los Angeles (d. No.3 Martínez); runner-up at Tokyo [Japan Open] and Tokyo [Nichirei] (d. No.9 Sabatini); SF at Oklahoma and Lucerne; QF once; doubles runner-up at Tokyo [Nichirei] (w/Hiraki).

1995 - Fifth Tour singles title at Tokyo [Japan Open] (d. No.8 Date); SF at Oklahoma; QF three times, incl. US Open (d. No.5 Pierce); reached career-high No.13 on February 27.

1996 - Runner-up at Tokyo [Japan Open]; QF three times; 4r at Wimbledon; doubles runner-up at Tokyo [Japan Open], Los Angeles and Québec City (all w/Po).

1997 - Runner-up at Tokyo [Japan Open]; SF at Los Angeles (d. No.5 Coetzer and No.8 Sanchez-Vicario); QF at Sydney (d. No.3 Sánchez-Vicario); doubles runner-up at San Diego (w/Po).

1998 - SF at Tokyo [Japan Open]; QF twice, at Tokyo [Princess Cup] (d. No.10 Coetzer) and Philadelphia (d. No.10 Schnyder); doubles runner-up at Tokyo [Japan Open] (w/Hiraki); on ITF Circuit, one singles and one doubles title.

1999 - Sixth Tour singles title at Tokyo [Japan Open]; SF at Hobart, Madrid, Stanford, Tokyo [Princess Cup] (d. No.9 Coetzer) and Québec City; QF twice, incl. San Diego (No.3 Graf ret. w/injury during 2r match in what would turn out to be last match of career); also 2r at Los Angeles (d. No.10 Tauziat); doubles title at Québec City (w/Schlukebir).

2000 - Runner-up at Tokyo [Japan Open]; SF at Hobart, San Diego (d. No.9 Huber and No.1 Hingis) and Québec City; QF six times, incl. Stanford (l. to V.Williams 76 third set), Los Angeles (d. No.10 Sánchez-Vicario) and Montréal (d. No.10 Huber); qualified for Tour Championships for second time (l. 1r to Tauziat); doubles runner-up at Stanford (w/Black).

2001 - QF four times; 3r at Roland Garros (d. No.8 Sánchez-Vicario).

2002 - SF at Hobart and Tokyo [Princess Cup]; QF once; reached 4r at US Open; on ITF Circuit, one singles and one doubles title.

2003 - Runner-up at Hobart; QF at Stanford (d. No.9 Hantuchova); one ITF Circuit doubles title; was first non-Top 50 season since 1988.

2004 - Seventh Tour singles title at Hobart; SF at Vienna, Stanford and Cincinnati; QF twice; reached 4r at Wimbledon (d. No.3 Myskina for 27th career Top 10 win; l. to eventual champion Sharapova 64 75, having led 4-2 first set and served for second set at 5-4).

2005 - Captured eighth and most recent career Tour singles title at Québec City; SF at Auckland; impressive comeback win in Eastbourne 1r, saving 10mp to d. Sugiyama in 1r (l. 2r to Dechy in 3s); on ITF Circuit, one singles and one doubles title.

2006 - SF at Memphis; QF twice; played 20th consecutive US Open main draw, a record among active players, also all-time record with 71st Grand Slam main draw.