Quotable Quotes: The Red Group

Will Serena Williams be playing in 10 years? Why is Angelique Kerber doing so well this fall? Which player does Agnieszka Radwanska think has the cutest pet? The best quotes from All-Access Hour...

Published October 21, 2013 12:03

Quotable Quotes: The Red Group
Agnieszka Radwanska

ISTANBUL, Turkey - The elite eight of the TEB BNP Paribas WTA Championships - Istanbul met the press on Monday - here are some of the best quotes from the four players in the Red Group...

Serena Williams
On her hunger at the moment...

"When I was 20 or 18 I never thought I'd be playing at this stage. But the sport has just been growing so great, and it's been a great opportunity for me to continue to play. I never thought I would have one of my best years this year, but whenever I go out there I always just try to keep doing better.

"What I think is great about this year is that I learned I have a lot of room for improvement, and talking with my coach over it, I'm so excited for next year just to take my game to a new level."

On whether she'll still be here in another 10 years...
"Who knows? I might be here. I've learned from 10 years ago that I can never say."

On why she has won so many non-Grand Slam tournaments this year...
"Every tournament I play, I play to win. Not that I didn't do that before, but I was at a different place in my life. More than anything I enjoy playing tennis now. I love being out there. Right now I can't imagine my life without a tennis racquet in my hand and, you know, playing the next tournament."

Agnieszka Radwanska
On how she counters power with instinct...

"I think I'm not as powerful as the others. I always have to find a way to be in the game and find a way to win the matches, not really serving 200, so I think I just play like that, it's just my game."

On a follow-up question about the huge 99mph forehand she hit in Beijing...
"Yes, I was very surprised! I couldn't see it on the court. I didn't even know I can hit that hard. I almost lost the point, and I think my opponent hit exactly to my racquet with power, and there you go.

"It was fun. I was even laughing at myself that I hit that hard and I couldn't even see the ball!"

On who she thinks is the WTA's biggest hitter...
"I think Serena. It's a good question and a tricky question - I think Serena's shots are the deepest ones, so when the ball is deep, it's much harder than the other balls. Hers are the most difficult."

And on who has the cutest pet on the tour...
"I saw a couple of small dogs. Serena has a really cute dog with her - he's obviously with her."

On whether she would ever consider becoming the latest dog owner on the tour...
"Not really. You have to take care of them at the tournaments, and I think that's not really for me."

Petra Kvitova
On briefly falling out of the Top 10 after the US Open...
"I don't think that the dip out of the Top 10 is a really big deal. That's a number before my name, and that's it for me. I was still just thinking about my game. I knew exactly what I had to improve to come back higher, and that's what I worked on before the Asian tour, and then I played in Asia.

"So I'm glad I could come back to the Top 10 and qualify here again."

On missing Linz and Moscow with a back injury...
"I was tired after the Asian tour and it showed in my lower back. So I had a week off and didn't touch the racquet, and just tried to recover. I don't feel it anymore in my lower back, which is a great sign. I also had a little bit of a cold and sore throat, so I was just relaxing and drinking some hot tea."

On the bizarre fact that she hasn't played Azarenka anywhere since the 2011 final here...
"Yeah, it's quite funny, the last match we played was here two years ago, and I think she's improved very well since then. She improved her fitness, so she's very good physically, and she's also tough mentally, so she can play well on the key points, which I think is really important. She also has the consistency game, and I think that's why she's playing that well and why she is No.2 in the world."

On whether she believes she can become No.1...
"I have to believe that. I mean, that's why I'm playing tennis, and I just want to improve, and maybe some results can come. I think it's all about hard work. I'm still trying to get better and better.

"2011 was an incredible year for me, and it will be tough to repeat it, but I will try my best."

Angelique Kerber
On the difficulties of following up her 2012 breakthrough in 2013...
"Last year I had nothing to lose the whole year. I played very well. This year I had a lot of points to defend. I had pressure from the outside, and I also did it myself. So I think it's a success for me and very special to be here the second time, and I'm really proud of everything I did this year."

On whether she's playing like there's no pressure again...
"After the US Open I was feeling much more relaxed than before. I've been playing like last year, like I have nothing to lose. I've been really enjoying it again more and more, and I've been having a great time with my team, and everything works very well together. That's why I'm playing well right now.

"Yeah, after New York I had great success on the Asian tour and the last few weeks I played very well, and I'm happy to take the last spot here and to be back for the second time in a row, because I have such great memories from last year. The goal is to be here, and you practice very hard to get here."

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