Quotable Quotes: The White Group

What happened the last time Jelena Jankovic came to Istanbul? Does Li Na think this is her best year? And what did Victoria Azarenka play in Redfoo's latest music video? Read on and see it too...

Published October 21, 2013 12:04

Quotable Quotes: The White Group
Victoria Azarenka

ISTANBUL, Turkey - The elite eight of the TEB BNP Paribas WTA Championships - Istanbul met the press on Monday - here are some of the best quotes from the four players in the White Group...

Victoria Azarenka
On the WTA's legacy in Turkey...

"I think every player who came here and played here left a little piece of history for our sport here. It's been the biggest event in tennis here in Turkey. I feel the growth of tennis here, that we see a lot of kids responding through social media and writing letters, 'Please come back to Turkey,' and 'We love to see you here,' and 'We want to play tennis too.' It leaves a mark for me to be a part of that.

"The fans have been incredible here from day one of the first year we came here, and they have been even better every year. I'm really excited to go out and feel that energy again. It's been amazing."

On going 0-2 during the Asian swing...
"It's been a tough Asian swing, but whatever happens happens for a reason, and it has definitely made me understand how to schedule things better. It's nobody's fault, just a learning experience for me.

"I was training in Switzerland, I went to Australia for a bit, then I had a little bit of rest. I've been practicing, so I'm excited to play. It's the last one of the year, so I'm ready to give it my all."

On watching Redfoo on Australian X-Factor...
"It's funny, because he's a funny dude. I watch all the X-Factors, then we talk about it. I give my opinions. It's really fun because I know him from one side and I see another side of him on the TV."

On her appearance in the music video for Redfoo's song Let's Get Ridiculous...
"I didn't want to be in that video to be honest! He was trying to sneak me into every scene there was, and I was supposed to be a mermaid, but I said, 'You are out of your mind. I'm not swimming in the water. It's cold! What are you talking about?' And then he found another scene where I could just be a stewardess, and I never really served drinks, and the glass kept sliding and I was a little nervous.

"But it was fun to see how that world works and how long it takes to shoot a video. And swimming with sharks? Like it's crazy. That's why the video is Let's Get Ridiculous. Because it is ridiculous."

Li Na
On having said this is the best year of her career...

"This year I feel like I have stayed at the same level from the beginning until now. Maybe in 2011 I won a Grand Slam title, but in the other tournaments I didn't have good results that year. So this year it doesn't matter if it was a Grand Slam or an International tournament, I always played well."

On whether she's a better player in 2013 than she was in 2011...
"I would like to say yes. I feel like I've been able to control myself this year - not like before."

Sara Errani
On qualifying in singles and doubles for two years in a row now...

"I have a lot of fun playing doubles. I think it also helps my singles game. So I like to play both. Of course sometimes it's tough physically - after your singles maybe you're tired and you have to play doubles again - but I like it. And when you play with your best friend, it's easier to stay there."

Jelena Jankovic
On missing Osaka and Moscow with a left hip injury...
"Yes, I injured my hip in the finals against Serena in Beijing, and I was not able to compete in Osaka and Moscow. It took time for me to recover to be 100%, and to prepare for the WTA Championships. So it was important for me to do that. At this stage, when I go on the court I always want to give 100%, and just be healthy so I can perform at a high level. I don't think anyone enjoys playing injured, and there is no reason for me to go on the court and kind of limp and not be able to play my best tennis."

On having been in Istanbul for the original announcement this event was moving here...
"I was here for the launch of the WTA Championships here a couple of years ago, and here I am for the closure of it as well. So I was actually one of the first players to be in Istanbul for the launch. I haven't been able to see much of the city, as it was holidays here - a lot of things were closed. I wanted to go to the Grand Bazaar and do some shopping, but unfortunately it was closed that time.

"I think I will do a lot more sightseeing this year to see what the city has to offer, but after I finish my tournament. I think it's way more relaxing that way. Right now my mindset is on the matches."

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