Halep To Rise To World No.5

By virtue of Wednesday's results at the BNP Paribas Open, Simona Halep is projected to rise to No.5, which will make her the highest-ranked Romanian in WTA history.

Published March 13, 2014 12:14


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INDIAN WELLS, CA, USA - By virtue of Wednesday's results at the BNP Paribas Open, Simona Halep is projected to rise from No.7 to No.5 on the next WTA Rankings - which won't just be a new career-high for her, it will also make her the highest-ranked Romanian player in the history of the WTA.

Halep is one of three Romanians ever to crack the Top 10 on the WTA Rankings - the other two were Virginia Ruzici, who made it up to No.8 in the world, and Irina Spirlea, who made it up to No.7. And regardless of what happens the rest of the tournament, Halep will become the highest of them all.

She was given the news during her post-match interview for wtatennis.com - scroll up to watch it!

"It means a lot," Halep said of the news. "I'm now the best Romanian in history for rankings - but my goal is to win a Grand Slam, and then maybe I'll be the best, because Virginia won the French Open."

Ruzici, who won the French Open in 1978, is the only Romanian woman ever to win a Grand Slam title. She was also unintentionally the inspiration for the Williams sisters - Richard Williams famously said he saw Ruzici's prize money cheque for winning a WTA tournament and decided to have two more kids.

"I heard this, yes, Virginia told me about this," Halep said. "It was because of her that the Williams sisters started to play tennis. It's amazing to hear this. I'm happy to have her close to me, to be my manager - we already have six years together. I think she will be my manager maybe all my career."

Halep has also been getting more and more attention back home - and it definitely has its perks.

"I get recognized everywhere. Even when I'm parking. I was surprised - I wanted to park and I didn't have space, and someone came and put me in front of the hotel. 'You can park here,' he told me.

"Everybody knows me now."

All of that attention doesn't quite match her humble, down-to-earth personality - after her win in the BNP Paribas Open quarterfinals on Wednesday, she was asked what she likes to do off the court.

"I'm a normal girl, like everybody, and I just like to go shopping, I like listening to music, speaking on WhatsApp on my phone - I don't watch movies in my room because I cannot stay focused two hours!"

It's responsible shopping, though. "I bought sunglasses here, shoes, clothes also - I like everything.

"But not very expensive. I have to keep my money. That's why I'm working, no?"

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