Quotable Quotes: Bienvenido A Miami

From quarterbacks to hair spray and a close call with someone else's hair, the WTA stars talked about it all as they arrived in beautiful Miami. Here they are...

Published March 19, 2014 12:14

Quotable Quotes: Bienvenido A Miami
Maria Sharapova

MIAMI, FL, USA - The biggest and brightest stars of the WTA met the press Tuesday afternoon at the pre-tournament All Access Hour at the Sony Open Tennis. Here they are in their own words...

Maria Sharapova
On the scariest thing about carrying the Olympic torch in Sochi...

"In rehearsals I had my hair in a bun, then for the ceremony I had it nicely done, but two seconds before I went on I realized that was a mistake because my hair was down and I saw some pictures afterwards and I was like, 'The torch was quite close to my hair!' So it could have been an accident!

"Luckily everything went all right."

Agnieszka Radwanska
On the knee injury that hindered her in the Indian Wells final...

"For sure now I'm just having a few days off. Luckily I'm not playing until Friday, so hopefully by then I'll be good. I'll keep doing treatment and icing it a lot, and we'll see how it goes this week."

On the Indian Wells-Miami double...
"These two tournaments are really nice. Not only are they both nice places, but I think everybody in the States really loves tennis so they're both really well organized. You can see a lot of people everywhere, even on the practice courts, and there's always a huge crowd. And obviously playing somewhere where you've won before brings back great memories, so it's always a pleasure to play here."

Serena Williams
On whether she feels pressure when she's playing...

"There's a tremendous amount of pressure when you step on the court. It's bigger news to lose than it is to win. It's big front cover news if I lose. But Billie Jean King always told me pressure is a privilege - that's her famous saying - so I feel privileged that people feel that way about me when I play."

On whether she feels bad for her fans if she loses...
"I feel really bad when I don't play well. That's one of the reasons why I tend to be a little hard on myself. I love to play tennis and I love to compete, but ultimately the reason I'm playing - and the reason women's tennis does so well - is because of the fans who come out and pay to watch. So it gets frustrating, and sometimes embarrassing, when I can't make shots. But I always do the best I can."

On which sports she follows outside of tennis...
"Football. And I'm ready for some football already!"

And on whether she would have played football if she were a guy...
"For sure. I'd be a linebacker, or a quarterback - I'd be a great quarterback. Linebackers are so cool - they save games and win Super Bowls! Obviously the quarterback does too, but a linebacker is such an important position. I loved learning about Lawrence Taylor - I thought he was super super cool."

Jelena Jankovic
On Miami...

"I love Miami. I played pretty well here last year and I've been a finalist before. It's an awesome city to play in - there's so much energy here - and I love the crowds. I like the conditions too. I'm really looking forward to playing here again. And I'm No.6 in the world now, so I want to play like one!"

On fashion and make-up on the court...
"Actually I don't put any more make-up on when I go on the court. That's something people don't know. I think it comes with age or maturing, that I don't care how I look anymore! I like just being real.

"My two essentials on the court are just hair spray and sunscreen!"

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