Katarina Srebotnik got her 500th WTA-level doubles match win this week. What does she remember about her first win? Her 100th? And all of the other milestones? The results are... interesting.
WTA Staff

NEW HAVEN, CT, USA - Katarina Srebotnik scored her 500th WTA-level doubles match win in New Haven on Sunday, partnering Anabel Medina Garrigues to beat Natalie Grandin and Darija Jurak.

We thought it would be a good time, then, to check Srebotnik's memory - what does she remember about her first WTA-level doubles match win, 100th, 200th and so on up to the big 500? Here she is...

Win No.1... 1998 Makarska 1r: Krizan/Srebotnik d. Lugina/Wagner, 63 67(7) 76(4)
"I knew that was where I got the first one, because it was my first doubles tournament at the WTA level and I won the title, so I knew when and where it was! But I don't remember that match. No clue!

"I do remember I was very excited just to play a WTA event. I was doing well in ITFs in singles and doubles, and I was super hyper to be at a WTA event. It was another league - you're so happy just to be there. And winning the doubles title was beyond my imagination going in. I didn't make it into the singles that week, just the doubles, because my singles ranking wasn't good enough yet."

Win No.100... 2002 Acapulco 1r: Krizan/Srebotnik d. Diaz-Oliva/Ehritt-Vanc, 63 62
"I remember the players, but I have absolute zero memory of the match! I know I won the singles at that tournament though. I remember beating Kournikova in the semis, and then in the final I won against Paola Suárez, and the last point she came in and I hit a passing shot and she missed a volley, and I just fell to the ground and looked up, and all that I could see was the beautiful blue sky.

"Acapulco is such a beautiful place, and the players aren't too stressed about losing because they know they'll have a few days off at the beach. I remember walking from the hotel to the courts and looking towards the sea, and I was like, 'I wish I were there in the water.' But I had to go and play!"

Win No.200... 2006 Australian Open 1r: Asagoe/Srebotnik d. Chladkova/Razzano, 62 62
"Again, zero memory! But I do remember we made it to the semis. I remember bits and pieces, like we played Stubbs and somebody else who was really good in the quarterfinals - I remember it was Stubbs because it was Australia and it was a pretty big court. But my memory is obviously not that brilliant."

Win No.300... 2008 Charleston SFs: Srebotnik/Sugiyama d. Azarenka/Vesnina, 61 61
"I do remember that tournament, that was with Sugiyama, and we ended up winning the title, but I don't remember the semifinal. I should remember that win, that's a very good win. My memory is clearly not that great, this is reminding me I'm getting old, ha ha. Wow, yikes, just zero memory of that one!"

Win No.400... 2011 Wimbledon 1r: Peschke/Srebotnik d. Dolonc/Marosi, 63 76(5)
"I do remember that one, yes! Finally. It was Court 6, and we played late in the afternoon, and right before sunset around 6 o'clock or so, the Sun was really nasty - you can see it so brightly on the horizon, and I was having so much trouble seeing the ball from the one side of the court because of that. It was so low and right there in my eyes, and I was trying to adjust my hat to the side a bit so it would block it off. We were lucky we pulled out the second set and didn't have to go to a third!"

Win No.500... 2013 New Haven 1r: Medina Garrigues/Srebotnik d. Grandin/Jurak, 63 26 105
"In the last one the Sun was troubling us, but in this one it was the opposite - the rain was. First of all there was a rain delay that made us start a bit later - we were supposed to be the second match after 2 o'clock, but we ended up going on court around 6 o'clock. And then after a few games there was another rain delay and we had to stop for about 45 minutes again. It was a really good match too.

"It made me really proud to get to 500. Even if we didn't make it in Cincinnati or here, I knew I'd make it somewhere this year - but deep down inside you're kind of eager, so you want to get it straight away. I'm happy it's now in my pocket - the older you get and the more you achieve, the more you start appreciating everything, and this is absolutely something great to add to everything I've achieved!

"The other ones maybe not, but I'll remember anything and everything about that 500th one!"

Will you remember No.500 when you get to No.1000?
"If I'm in my prime years now and didn't remember 200 wins back, then if I get to 1000, I don't think I'll even remember 50 wins back, let alone 500, ha ha! But I will probably not get to 1000 anyway!"