Billie Jean King has told of how her 1966 Wimbledon singles triumph represented a breakthrough for her. The American, who went on to win 11 more Grand Slam singles titles after her debut victory at SW19 52 years ago, also spoke of the part Wimbledon plays in British society. King won a total of six Wimbledon singles titles and 14 doubles events.

"Every Championship is different," she said. "'66 was a big breakthrough - I had to beat Maria Bueno, who was one of my sheroes, to do that.

"They have been great in keeping tradition [at Wimbledon] but also having innovation at the same time," the 74-year-old said. "I would say they have had the best balance of that. But I think it reflects their culture, more, usually sports are a microcosm of society - Wimbledon is a microcosm of Britain."

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