Recognized as one of the greatest athletes in history, Martina Navratilova’s impact on the sport of tennis reaches far beyond her 59 total Grand Slam victories. Born in communist Czechoslovakia, Navratilova’s journey to becoming one of the game’s greatest players required unmatched resilience and tenacity mirrored in how she played the game. Now Navratilova joins TopCourt to further her legacy and share the knowledge she has gathered over decades of dominance to empower you on and off the court.

Here’s what you can learn from Navratilova’s TopCourt class:

Technique: Navratilova is one of the greatest serve and volleyers the game has ever seen. Her TopCourt class teaches you the keys to an effective serve and volley strategy along with proper technique and positioning at net to help you finish the point. She also teaches the unique backhand lob retrieval, which is a high-percentage shot and an effective alternative to the tweener.

Drill: Navratilova teaches you four personally selected drills made to make you unstoppable at the net. Her first drill, “Half Court Floor is Lava,” is one she would work on for hours leading up to tournaments to exercise fitness and endurance.

Her second drill, “Serve +1,” shares a strategy that will allow you to take control from the first ball you hit during each point you play.

Her third drill, “Wall Volley,” and fourth drill, “Wall Overhead,” are great drills to practice for when you do not have access to a court. Navratilova demonstrates how any smooth, hard surface is a great training tool to help practice specific skills.

Stories: In a series of 11 “Episodes,” Navratilova opens up about her life starting from the very beginning, where the road to becoming one of the world’s greatest athletes began in the mountains of Czechoslovakia. In this sit-down interview, she shares personal stories about her childhood and how she was inspired to play aggressive serve and volley tennis after seeing Rod Laver play.

She immediately had the dream to one day win Wimbledon and shares her road to making it happen numerous times. Regardless of the uncertain circumstances and lack of opportunities from growing up in a communist country, Navratilova’s unwavering passion for the game always drove her to work hard on the tennis court.

She talks about how her success created opportunities for her and her family. Along with all of her triumphs, Navratilova talks about her record-breaking successes on the court and shares valuable pieces of life advice that will inspire you to be your best self. In this exclusive sit-down interview of her TopCourt class, you will hear a side of her that you’ve never heard before.