ACAPULCO, Mexico - Mexico's Giuliana Olmos joined forces with WTA Charities at the Abierto Mexicano Telcel to give Acapulco kids the experience of a lifetime at the 24th edition of AMT Kids Day by Nickelodeon.

Joined by ATP players Ernesto Escobedo, Hans Hach Verdugo and Cesar Ramirez and tennis coach Marc Lucero, the children had the chance to hit with their some of their national heroes at the mini-tennis clinics, as well as spend time with their favorite TV characters.

This year's Kids Day hosted hundreds of children from the Teleton Center of Childhood Rehabilitation as well as Guerrero's DIF, an organization that works with family developments in the area.

Olmos, Escobedo, Hach Verdugo and Ramirez were recognized by the tournament as "Agents of Change" for making a difference by being a positive example for the youth.

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