The 2019 US Open, which runs from August 26 to September 8, will be the richest prize pool in Grand Slam history, the US Tennis Association (USTA) has confirmed.

Defending champion Naomi Osaka leads a field that will be competing for a total fund in excess of $57 million – up more than 8% to the one that was on offer 12 months ago.

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Each singles champion - men's and women's - will pick up a record $3.85m, with the runners-up picking up half of that in a tournament that will once again offer equal prize money between the sexes.

There has also been a significant increase in prize money for players eliminated in the early rounds, with players bowing out in the round of 128 each receiving $58,000 – an increase of almost 50% of the last four years.

Additionally, the USTA will make a $1m payment – split 50-50 between the WTA and ATP – “in order to assist in providing transition programs for players, including a pension”.

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“The US Open prides itself on offering the best tennis players in the world the richest total prize money in our sport,” Patrick Galbraith, USTA chairman of the board and president, said. “We strive to be innovative, and feel that our new contribution of $500,000 to both the ATP’s pension plan and the WTA Tour’s transition programs for players will go a long way toward the long-term financial well-being of all of our sport’s athletes.”

Singles round Prize money ($) Ranking points
Winner 3,850,000 2000
Runner-up 1,900,000 1300
Semifinals 960,000 780
Quarterfinals 500,000 430
Round of 16 280,000 240
Round of 32 163,000 130
Round of 64 100,000 70
Round of 128 58,000 10

In the doubles tournament, the winning team will split $740,000, with the runners-up earning $370,000 between them - rising from $700,000 and $350,000 respectively.

There has been a marginal rise in prize money for teams eliminated at every stage, including those who lose in the first round, up from $16,500 last year to $17,000.

Doubles round Prize money ($) Ranking points
Winner 740,000 2000
Runner-up 370,000 1300
Semifinals 175,000 780
Quarterfinals 91,000 430
Round of 16 50,000 240
Round of 32 30,000 130
Round of 64 17,000 10

How many WTA Ranking points can be won at the US Open?

Like all majors, the US Open is valuable for moving rapidly up the WTA Ranking. As one of the biggest events on the calendar, naturally it is given great importance in terms of the points on offer for players.

In common with the Australian Open, the French Open and Wimbledon, the winner of the singles title will pick up 2000 while the runner-up will earn 1300.

Players who lose out in the semifinals will scoop 780 points, with those eliminated in the quarterfinals and round of 16 earning 430 and 240 respectively.

Third-round losers will still earn 130 points for their ranking, with those eliminated in the second round claiming 70. Even those players who fall at the first hurdle will pick up 10 points.