ST PETERSBURG, FL, USA - The WTA and the Professional Tennis Registry have recently signed an agreement designating PTR as an Official Partner of the WTA Coach Program.

For several years, PTR and WTA have worked closely together to facilitate formal coaching pathways for tour-level players and their coaches, and moving this partnership forward will solidify cooperation between the two global organizations.

“The WTA Coach Program highlights and supports the vital contributions coaches make to the success of the tour. Coaching plays a significant role in sport and at the same time offers a very distinct career opportunity for elite tennis players as they transition away from the circuit. I am particularly excited by the potential for the WTA’s partnership with PTR to see an increase in the number of certified and licensed women tennis coaches worldwide.”

- Steve Simon, CEO and Chairman of the WTA

Established in January 2017, the WTA Coach Program has been designed to professionalize, standardize, and recognize the important role of coaching on the WTA Tour.

Under the new agreement, WTA and PTR will partner on a number of high-impact community outreach and educational projects, including certification through the WTA Coach Program – with a particular focus on WTA alumnae, or former tour players. 

"With the WTA’s tremendous reputation, impressive board and staff, and their extensive global reach, this is an ideal alliance for PTR," said Dan Santorum, CEO of PTR.

"PTR places a premium on partnering with constructive, progressive, and supportive organizations like the WTA. We are extremely excited to work together with the WTA on increasing the number of women that make coaching a career."