Growing up in Southern California, Lindsay Davenport dreamed of competing in the Olympics just like her father did. After a successful career, not only did she win an Olympic Gold Medal, but won three Grand Slam championships. She also has been inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame. Now, the former champion joins TopCourt to teach you the fundamentals needed to excel in today's game and shares her journey with you.

What you can expect from Davenport's TopCourt class:

Drills: Davenport teaches five personally selected drills that are made to enhance your game and make you a more well-rounded player, just like they did for her. In her first drill, "Rapid Fire Hand Feeds," Davenport goes over the keys to developing a big, powerful forehand utilizing this quick progressive drill by going from baseline to baseline from a dead ball feed. One of Davenport's biggest pet peeves when watching tennis is seeing a player wait for short balls and not get to the ball quickly enough.

Her "Short Ball Recognition Drill" was made for this and helps you train your mind and body to react and get to a short ball as early and quickly as possible. Her "Attack and Volley" drill similarly practices recognizing when your opponent is in trouble and encourages moving forward to finish the point off with a volley. Her "FH Footwork and Spacing" drill was made to teach you the importance of perfect footwork and body spacing when you are on the move using your forehand as a weapon. Lastly, you can learn to take your opponent's angles away and use depth through the middle of the court with Davenport's "Defense/Offense Drill."


Stories: In a series of nine "Episodes," you will learn all about Davenport and her decorated and exciting journey through the pros. She starts her story by sharing how she found the sport of tennis by accident but had an immediate love for the game. That love and dedication led her to a professional career at a young age, where she saw the challenges of managing both traditional school and life on the road traveling to Grand Slams and other tournaments.

As her journey in the pros continued, Davenport talks about how at 22 years old, she was looked at as the "best player without a Slam." By the end of the 1998 US Open, that was no longer the case, and she now began her race with Martina Hingis for the World No.1 ranking. Achieving that top spot, Davenport opens up and tells the story and what was going through her mind when she became the top-ranked player in the world. She also shares stories about memorable moments in her life, like when she became an Olympian and overcame her battles with playing on grass by beating Stefanie Graf at Wimbledon. You will also learn what Davenport would tell a younger version of herself and her perspective as a player, parent and coach.