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Oct 3 2022
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Apr 24 2017
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Coached by Dong Yuesen and Shi Hao ... Trains with the Chinese national program ... Father has retired (was a basketball player); mother works in a hospital (was a handball player) ... Introduced to the sport by a friend ... Strength is her power; is working on her speed ... Favorite surface is hard; favorite tournament is US Open ... Enjoys shopping and hanging out with friends.

Career Highlights

Winner (1): 2016 - Nanchang.
Finalist: 2016 - 125/Suzhou.

Winner (2): 2018 - Taipei City (w/Y.Wang), 125/Zhengzhou (w/Y.Wang); 2017 - Zhuhai (w/Han).
Finalist (4): 2020 - Shenzhen (w/S.Zheng); 2019 - Shenzhen (w/Voracova), Strasbourg (w/Han), Roland Garros (w/S.Zheng).

Chinese Fed Cup Team, 2017.

Career in Review

2019 – First Top 20 season in doubles (finishing No.17); won one WTA doubles title and two doubles titles on the ITF Circuit.

2018 – First Top 100 season in doubles (finishing No.59); finished No.140 in singles; reached 2r five times (incl. Australian Open); fell 1r six times (incl. Roland Garros) and in qualifying five times (incl. Wimbledon); won one WTA doubles title and one 125K doubles title.

2017 - First Top 100 season (finishing No.95); QF twice at Sydney (l. to A.Radwanska) and Kuala Lumpur (l. to Linette); reached 3r once (Australian Open) and 2r five times (incl. US Open); fell 1r nine times (incl. Roland Garros and Wimbledon) and in qualifying three times.

2016 - Near-first Top 100 season (finished ranked No.102); won maiden WTA singles title at Nanchang (d. King in F); 2r four times (incl. Wimbledon and US Open, both as qualifier); 1r four times; fell in WTA qualifying five times.

2015 - QF twice at Pattaya City and Tianjin; reached 2r twice (incl. Wimbledon); fell 1r three times (incl. Australian Open) and in qualifying four times (incl. other two majors); made Top 100 debut on August 10 (rose from No.101 to No.100); also won one singles title on ITF Circuit.

2014 - Reached 2r twice; fell 1r three times (incl. Australian Open and US Open) and in qualifying three times; won one singles title on ITF Circuit.

2013 - Reached 2r twice; fell 1r once (US Open) and in qualifying six times (incl. Australian Open); won one singles title on ITF Circuit; withdrew from Wimbledon w/herniated disc.

2012 - Played first WTA main draw at Guangzhou, reaching 2r (as WC); fell in qualifying once (US Open); won four singles titles and one doubles title on ITF Circuit.

2011 - Fell in WTA qualifying once.

2010 - Played first WTA qualifying at Beijing; won two singles titles on ITF Circuit.

2009 - Won two singles titles on ITF Circuit.

2008 - Continued to play on ITF Circuit.

2007 - Continued to play on ITF Circuit.

2006 - Played first event of career at ITF/Changsha-CHN.

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Apr 24, 2017
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