Quotable Quotes: Vika, Aga & Petra

Is Victoria Azarenka feeling good for her first tournament back? What does Agnieszka Radwanska think of Martina Hingis' comeback? Where did Petra Kvitova prepare for the summer? Read on...

Published July 29, 2013 12:02

Quotable Quotes: Vika, Aga & Petra
Victoria Azarenka

CARLSBAD, CA, USA - Is Victoria Azarenka feeling good for her first tournament back? What does Agnieszka Radwanska think of Martina Hingis' comeback? Where did Petra Kvitova prepare for the summer? Read on as three of the WTA's biggest stars met the press at All Access Hour in Carlsbad.

Victoria Azarenka
On making her return from a right knee injury...
"It was very unfortunate what happened to me. It took some recovery time. I would say I had about two and a half weeks off the court - I was doing a lot of rehab, though. But it's pretty much behind me. I haven't played a real match yet, but I'm feeling good, and I've been training 100% the last couple of days, so we'll see where it takes me. It's a really great feeling to know I can play again now.

"It's definitely time to move on. I'm just glad to be back in competition. I'm glad I got healthy again and I'm back on the court, because that's what I love to do, and that's what I'm here for."

Agnieszka Radwanska
On what she's hoping to work on in the lead-up to the US Open...
"The most important thing is to have good matches. I think every match is good preparation for the US Open. This week is going to be important since it's only my second tournament back on hardcourt."

On how long it took her to get over her semifinal loss at Wimbledon...
"I think the next day I was already okay. We're all used to it, playing so much and not winning all the time. It's not like we have one or two events and lose and then have all year to think about it - here we are, playing the next tournament the next week or two weeks later. It's probably good for us."

On whether Wimbledon is her best shot at a Grand Slam...
"So far I've had my best results at Wimbledon. Final, semifinal, a couple of quarters before. And I really love grass - so yes, I would pick that one. Unfortunately the grass season isn't too long for us.

"We don't have any grass courts in Poland, but for years I was playing on the fake grass surface, so maybe that helped, because I usually play well on grass after only a few days of practicing."

On Martina Hingis' comeback...
"Yes, I was really surprised about that, but good for her! I saw her at Wimbledon and she's looking good and in great shape, so why not? And if she's healthy and ready for it, why not singles?

"I remember watching a lot of her matches when I was a kid. She was very consistent and very smart. She could do anything on the court and mix it up. That's why she was a player who was on top for so many years. We're not that big hitters like the others - that's probably why I'm compared to her."

Petra Kvitova
On her preparation for the summer hardcourt season...
"I did a good preparation on the hardcourts in Prostejov. I had some days off after Wimbledon and then I started fitness preparation and then the tennis. I've been working quite hard and I hope it will be good this summer. This surface change is always tough for me, but I'll just do my best and we'll see."

On Wimbledon...
"For me it was disappointing. I was very upset. I tried to do everything I could there and I was fighting a lot, but it wasn't a very happy ending. It took some days for me to get over it - and I had a virus, so I was feeling bad a few more days. But getting back to practicing and thinking of something new helped me get over it, for sure. I hope it will all make me stronger a little bit going into the summer season."

On Martina Hingis' comeback...
"It was a quite a surprise for me, but I don't think that it's weird. I understand why she would want to play again. She's missing tennis and playing the matches. And for fans and media it's quite interesting to have her back. When I was a kid I wasn't watching tennis on TV, I didn't like it too much - I preferred to play than watch on the TV. But obviously she's a great champion so it's very exciting."

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