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Miami, USA. Mar 21 - Apr 02
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Quotable Quotes: Sharks & Surfboards

Where did Simona Halep hit the beaches during her time off? Who's been avoiding sharks and making friends with seals? Here are the WTA stars in their own words.

Published August 13, 2014 12:13


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CINCINNATI, OH, USA - As the WTA stars travelled from the Rogers Cup in Montréal to the Western & Southern Open in Cincinnati, they met the press and talked about everything from their form, their hopes for the US Open, sharks, seals... here they are in their own words right here on wtatennis.com!

Caroline Wozniacki on whether she feels like a veteran...
"This is my ninth year on tour. It's crazy. I definitely don't feel like a young one anymore! The worst part is whenever you play somebody like... I played Bencic in Istanbul and she was born in '97. I'm like, 'Are you kidding me? Like, really? She's seven years younger than me?' That made me feel really old. I guess that's how I was a few years back. But I definitely don't feel like the young one anymore."

Venus Williams on having won matches in Canada for the first time...
"If I would have known these last 20 years all I had to do was come to Montréal, that that would be the trick to winning in Canada, I would have done it a long time ago. You live, you learn.

"Sometimes it takes a couple of decades, but it was worth it."

Simona Halep on how she spent her last few weeks...
"After Bucharest I went on holiday to Turkey. They have some incredible resorts there and I spent about seven days on the beach - just sleeping, swimming, and no racquet. I spent some time with my friends and family and I think it was very good for me - I feel very good after some time off.

"Last year I also started my summer in Cincinnati and it went well, so I did it again."

And on the challenge of playing Serena...
"My biggest challenge is to play my best tennis. I used to not play my best tennis because I had emotions, but now I feel prepared to play against her. But still, I don't want to meet her in the finals!

"She's very strong. She has many titles behind her. She has a lot of experience. She's the best player in the world and she plays very strong. She also has a very good serve. She just has everything."

Maria Sharapova on the lack of Russian women, other than herself, at the top right now...
"I think generations change and things evolve and change, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. The period we had when I broke through, and also with the three Russian girls standing on the podium in Beijing, I think that was really the peak of our sport at the time. It took many years to develop. But we aren't really seeing as many players from Russia at the top at this moment.

"But every generation and every country evolves and changes. There's certainly a good group of young girls coming up from Russia right now. But transitioning to the pros is a different game."

Serena Williams on her dad saying back in the day she wouldn't play more than a few years...
"Yeah, I definitely didn't see myself playing tennis at my age. I thought I would be doing other things. But it just so happens that I love to play, I love to compete. I'm having fun. I enjoy it.

"I just can't give it up. I just really can't let it go."

Jelena Jankovic on surfing...
"Just before Montréal I was in Bradenton because I wanted to train in the humidity and the heat, and I went to the beach two times and saw people surfing. I don't have my own board and I was shy to ask, 'Can I borrow your board,' and just embarrass myself and fall down! So maybe in the off-season this year I'll get my own board and try and ask someone to teach me. It would definitely be a lot of fun.

"But I'm afraid of sharks, so I've gotta stay in the shallow water. Or do they love shallow water? If they do I guess I'm gonna go with my surfboard in the pool?"

And on the seals in San Diego...
"I've never seen anything like that other than in San Diego. You swim out there and you're like, wow. You see a seal there. It just comes up to you and you're like, 'Whoah. Hello, pal.'"

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