The new WTA Finals Shenzhen brand, logo and campaign were unveiled at a press event held in Shenzhen, with each component reflecting the energy that Shenzhen portrays.    

The Brand

The WTA Finals Shenzhen brand is driven by the concept of electric momentum.

Shenzhen has experienced 40 years of rapid development, evolving into a leading global technology hub, a springboard for innovative and progressive ideas and China’s gateway to the outside world.

The skill and athleticism of the WTA’s best players is a perfect match for the forward-looking, youthful energy of Shenzhen. This city of ambition is diverse, inclusive and open, attracting the young and talented looking to realize their dreams and aspirations. 

These two unstoppable forces will combine to create a truly memorable experience for fans – a celebration of the prowess and sportsmanship of professional women's tennis.

The Logo

The graphical icon is formed by two sets of active ‘brushstroke’ lines that represent the back-and-forth momentum swings of a tennis match. The lines also echo the shapes of the iconic WTA Finals Billie Jean King and Martina Navratilova trophies, which will be awarded to the singles and doubles champions of the WTA Finals Shenzhen.
Additionally, the six lines represent the essential elements on display at the greatest women's sporting event in the world:

  • Ambition
  • Equality
  • Grit
  • Power
  • Sportsmanship
  • Victory

The colors of the WTA Finals reference the WTA master brand:

  • Purple, the main color, not only connotes power, femininity and equality, it is also a color that is associated with royalty, representing the very best in women’s tennis.
  • Green is used as an accent color to reflect the players’ single-minded focus on the tennis ball and their passion for the sport.

The Supergraphic

The supergraphic is a visual representation of the surging electrical sparks created when the WTA Finals comes to life in its home of Shenzhen. The blue light graffiti lines are representative of the technological flair of Shenzhen, while the purple lines represent the vivacity and power of the WTA. The graphic is explosive and dynamic, creating an aura around the players, fans and the city, lighting up the Shenzhen sports scene.

The Campaign
At the WTA Finals Shenzhen, sparks are created between the two conducting forces: 

  • The electric energy of the city of Shenzhen
  • The electric and inspirational play of the best in women’s tennis

When these two forces join at the WTA Finals Shenzhen, sparks of contagious energy, fun and excitement will fly to charge fans and visitors like no other event.