Ukrainian No.2 Dayana Yastremska is doing her part to help residents in her home city of Odessa during the global health crisis surrounding COVID-19. 

The 19-year-old has been vocal on her social media channels about the importance of all people following the directives of health care professionals to stay safe, and has partnered with a member of parliament, Aleksandr Gorenyuk, to get the message out.

The duo appeared in a video message that urged residents of the city to observe quarantine and stay at home, and they will now be utilizing Yastremska's charitable foundation for action.

It will be used as a resource for community outreach, as the foundation and volunteers will help organize the delivery of food to residents of Odessa who are confined to their homes.

Yastremska and Gorenyuk appeared on Ukrainian television on Wednesday to further explain their initiative, which will include a call center for Odessa residents to make requests. 

Earlier this year, Yastremska revealed that she was inspired to start a charitable foundation following an incident with her mother, who needed emergency surgery to save her eye following an accident with a champagne bottle

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"After the story with my mother, something really motivated me," she said in My Story. "I went to the hospital and I could see young children, they couldn't see... and I decided, 100 percent, that's where I'm going to create my foundation." 

On Wednesday's program, Yastremska also stated that the foundation has already assisted several families in successful vision surgeries for their children.

My Story: Dayana Yastremska