On Sunday, Camila Giorgi capped off a phenomenal week at the Omnium Banque Nationale to defeat No.6 Karolina Pliskova 6-3, 7-5 to win the third and biggest title of her career in Montreal. 

Giorgi's Montreal win might have come out of the blue for casual observers - she came into the tournament ranked No.71 - but her level has been high and sustained for weeks now. She credited recent focus on playing smarter and more tactically, as well as being able to play a nearly non-stop schedule for her success.

"I think it just amazing that it came," she told reporters after her win. "But I think I didn't have the opportunity in these years. I have many injuries. I think this year I was more able to play, being physically well. I was sure one day could come."

The 29-year-old Italian's win over Pliskova was her third Top 20 win of the week - she also defeated Elise Mertens and Petra Kvitova - and sealed one of the most consistent stretches of Giorgi's career. Through Roland Garros, Giorgi had not tallied a Top 20 win this season. 

But since the end of the clay season, Giorgi has now won 16 of her past 20 matches and notched seven Top 20 wins over that span. 

Giorgi sat down with WTA Insider after her triumphant week in Montreal to reflect on her career and her "fairytale" week. As she said herself, Giorgi wasn't sure if she would ever win one of the tour's premier titles. But Giorgi wasn't sweating it, either. She has everything she needs in her life to make her happy.

WTA Insider: That's probably the most emotional we have seen you after match point. What was going through your head after you won? 
Giorgi: I was just very happy with what had happened. From the start of the year, I was playing great tennis. It happened this week, to have an amazing week. So I am very happy about that. I knew if I was more consistent, meaning playing more matches at the high level, I could make this happen.

So I'm just happy because we made it. We made it. I mentioned my dad, he's always with me, he's supporting me all the time, all the hours, all the work we are putting in together, now I have this trophy.

WTA Insider: You must feel such pride and joy to be able to get your hands on this trophy. Can you reflect on your journey to this moment? 
Giorgi: I could say that we did an adventure together. We made this happen. It's just a fairytale, really. 

I was young and he taught me how important discipline is. This is important in life, too. Tennis is like life. It can happen all the time because sometimes you're lucky, sometimes you're unlucky. It can happen so many things in one tennis court, as in life. So I think the philosophy of life is tennis. It's amazing. 

I was very lucky. Family, there is nothing in the world that can support you and know what you want and what is best for you. And they are always there. It's not like only if you do something nice that they come for you. They have always been there, bad moments, good moments, amazing moments. There are so many happy moments in life, in and off the court. So it just makes me proud of him too because he's a great dad, first of all, and as a coach he's just amazing. 

"But actually, always I was very proud of my career."

WTA Insider: Montreal is a French-speaking city, you showed off your French skills on court this week. Do you think your love of Paris and France, that somehow being around the language and the music inspired you this week?
Giorgi: I'm in love with Paris. I studied there when I was young. I finished my high school graduation there at a distance school. It's fascinating to me. I like a lot France, in general. 

I still go two times per year to see my friends and go out, so I talk French all the time. I try to keep my French good. It's very important to me. I had many years in Paris when I was young and I think it was just amazing, so much fun.

WTA Insider: You have been so talented for so long. Every week fans wonder if this is the week that you win a big title because of the way you play. So not being able to get this result earlier in your career, what was that like for you? 
Giorgi: But actually, always I was very proud of my career.

I think that tennis is not everything in life, first of all. It's good, it's my work, and I love sports. I am very passionate about sport, all kinds of sports, the Olympics, I was following every kind of sports. I think they are amazing. But we cannot say anything.

From outside the court, you can say you could or you couldn't. From outside the court everything is easy. Even I can play soccer from the sofa and I have no idea how to play soccer in the real life. So it happens when it needs to happen, you know? The planets know when to put the planets in a good way. I believe in that actually.

"So my life was very complete always, so I didn't have any discouragement in my life. Because tennis, I believe it's just my work."

WTA Insider: What was the most discouraged that you ever were in your career, the lowest moment?
Giorgi: I never thought I would have this moment in this career. 

You need to appreciate a lot in art, as in life. My mom taught me that at a young age it's important to have this variety. It's very healthy. 

My mom is amazing. She follows sport, but she was a teacher in contemporary art and now has this amazing brand that I'm wearing, Giomila. She always put me in fashion since I was young. My dad was sport, my mom was art. We were going to shops and museums. 

So my life was very complete always, so I didn't have any discouragement in my life. Because tennis, I believe it's just my work. It can happen one day you have a bad day, but then you have other things in life. You have friends and you can go out. There are many interests. I love to read, too. I would love one day to be a writer. I would love to do that.

So I think there are many interests, so it's not good to be down with just a tennis match. 

WTA Insider: That's a very healthy perspective. You look so intense and focused on the court that it's easy to think that when you lose, you might be devastated. But it sounds like you have a balanced outlook on your career.
Giorgi: Yes, I'm very balanced out of the court. In my life, I have everything I need. I have the love of my family. That is the most important in life. You can be a healthy being when you know they love you. It's very important. This makes the life easier in everything. Family and friends. 

WTA Insider: You mentioned your love of art. Are there artists or museums that you love to visit?
Giorgi: First, we always go in Paris because it's my favorite city in the world. I love the Louvre, the Musee d'Orsay. And in Amsterdam, I love the museums of Van Gogh. It's just amazing. 

We're trying to do different trips, weekend trips, with my mom to do different trips in different cities in Italy because there is a lot of art in Italian history. This is life. I believe true life is that, you know?