After turning pro at 16 years old, Aryna Sabalenka has enjoyed a steady rise to her WTA No. 2 ranking and has picked up 10 singles titles and many awards and accolades along the way. Now the big hitter from Belarus joins TopCourt to teach you the drills that helped her develop her huge groundstrokes and shares the technical cues that are the foundation for her massive serve.

Aryna's steady progression up the rankings didn't happen by accident. In her new TopCourt class, you can learn how she manages her game, emotions and her fighter's mentality that drives her to be the best.

Here's what you can learn from Aryna's class:

Technique: Known for her powerful and effective serve, Aryna uses her height and strength to her advantage. In her TopCourt class, she shows you in detail the keys to unlocking extra power and speed on your serve to turn your serve into a weapon.

Her remarkably high percentage of first serve points won, along with having one of the highest numbers of aces on the WTA, make Aryna your perfect serving coach.

Photo by TopCourt

Drills: Aryna shares three personally chosen insightful drills in detail and shows examples of her performing the drills on-court so that you can implement them into your next practice. Each drill highlights a strength of Aryna's powerful game. The first drill is Aryna's favorite and focuses on aggressive baseline shots and how to control and set up the point using your forehand.

The second drill hones in on efficient movement, recovery, and positioning after hitting your shot. For the third drill, Aryna teaches you to be sharp and confident while using power and control to execute short balls and put away the point.

Stories: In a series of 7 “episodes,” Aryna shares personal stories about her life and tennis journey. The Belarus native talks about the real reason she started playing tennis, the fun memories she had group training and the games she played, which incorporated both point play and fitness. Aryna was aggressive from the beginning, immediately training her down-the-line shot instead of just the high percentage cross-court. At only 16 years old, Aryna declared pro and saw firsthand what it took to play at that level.

She discusses her focus on enjoying the fight and the process, which led to her steady progression up the rankings. She shares how it is rare for a player to walk out onto the court with their game feeling 100% and talks about how she manages her game when things aren't feeling perfect.

Aryna reminisces on her first WTA title at the Connecticut Open, how powerful she felt, and how much confidence that win gave her. She also talks about her first Fed Cup experience representing her home country of Belarus and how playing against a Top 30 player gave her the confidence that she belonged at that high level. Aryna is all about enjoying the highs and lows of the journey and shares all the keys to her continued tour success.