Elina Svitolina filmed her TopCourt class toward the end of last year, right before the 2021 BNP Paribas Open. In the sit-down interviews segment of her filming, it is clear to see how prideful Svitolina is to represent her country of Ukraine. A career decorated with titles and accomplishments, she describes how her most special career achievement was representing Ukraine in the 2016 and 2020 Olympics. She opens up about her 2020 bronze medal win and how special it was to win that for her country.

TopCourt is featuring Ukrainian tennis star Svitolina Svitolina in the latest player drop. In an effort to help those affected by the crisis in Ukraine, a percentage of all TopCourt signups surrounding her class launch date will be donated to tennisplaysforpeace.com.

TopCourt looks forward to supporting these efforts. Svitolina has one of the most multi-faceted games on tour, consisting of big groundstrokes and attacking shots along with effective defending when necessary. Her ability to read her opponents, mixed with her movement and consistency, tends to leave opponents worn down. In her class, she shares with you the secrets behind her weapons, including her consistent return of serve and point-ending backhand.

When coaching the return, Svitolina talks about how it is important to stay low and watch the ball closely. She never stands up on toes but remains in a low athletic stance and moves forward to hit her shot with a short backswing and big follow-through. A shot very important to her game, she teaches the backhand by breaking down how the backhand can help you build points and demonstrates the details behind your stance, shot timing, and contact point.

Svitolina also coaches three personally chosen drills to take your game to the next level. In her first drill, “Adjusting to Depth,” Svitolina gives advice on deciphering which shots to hit aggressively and which shots to play on the defense. In her second drill, “Return + 1 Strategy,” she emphasizes reacting quickly with your feet and watching the ball closely to return deep to the middle of the court.

No racquet is needed for her “Footwork Drill.” In this on-court drill, Svitolina stresses the importance of footwork and how movement on the court is the most important aspect, as there is a lot of court to cover, and you must adjust all types of shots.

Lastly, join Svitolina for an exclusive sit-down interview about her life where she opens up about her childhood, the ups and downs of her tennis journey, what is most important to her and much more