Once known as the Ice Maiden for her stoic demeanor and relentless competitiveness on the court, Chris Evert is one of the game’s greatest champions. In her career, she won 18 Grand Slam singles titles, once going 13 consecutive years winning at least one major. Now, the International Tennis Hall of Famer is here to teach you the fundamentals every player needs to elevate their game. From her signature two-handed backhand to her drop shot, Evert takes you step by step through every stroke in the game. Beyond the court, she candidly shares the pitfalls of young stardom and gives you an inside look into the most significant moments of her career.

Technique: In her TopCourt class, Evert teaches you five shots that were critical to her game style and helped her dominate her opponents. As one of the few players on tour at the time with two hands on the backhand, she helped revolutionize the game. Now, she shares the fundamentals behind her signature stroke and shows you step by step how to find more confidence and consistency with your backhand. She also teaches you techniques and strategies for a successful serve and return. Add more variety to your game by watching her “The Volley” and “The Drop Shot” classes.

Drills: Evert teaches you four personally selected drills that will enhance the variety in your game. You can improve your movement, reaction time, and conditioning through her “2 on 1’s” and her “Up and Back” drill. Evert also teaches you how to get comfortable in a live ball scenario by being patient and waiting for your opportunity to take your backhand down the line to get your opponent on the run in the “BH Neutral to Offense” drill. In her “Machine Gun Serve,” she teaches you how to quiet your mind, not overthink your technique, and let your body do all the work.

Live ball: Evert shares three different live ball options to help you practice match-like situations. These live ball drills teach you how to manage and successfully play a tiebreaker and extend your lead when you’re up during a match.

Episodes: Through a series of 10 “Episodes,” you will see a side of Evert that you have never seen before. Evert starts with her childhood, where she shares how she was an active young girl and often played tennis with her family to bring them all together. It wasn’t until her first professional tournament at 13 years old that she saw the possibilities that laid before her on the world stage. As a young player, Evert was known to have a hot temper and wasn’t the stoic, emotionless on-court assassin many remember her to be.

Listen as she shares what changed her mind set and why she was given the nickname “Ice Maiden.”

Evert also shares her personal perspective on her rivalry with Martina Navratilova and what it meant to her career. She relives the epic 1985 final against Navratilova and how she overcame a 13-match losing streak against her. Going into the 1985 French Open at 30 years old, Evert reflects on her career and discusses the mental side of the game, the invaluable power of belief, and how to handle pressure. She opens up about how as her career ended, she struggled to separate herself from the perfectionist champion persona she had created over her storied career. She tells you that through time, she has realized what is truly important and how she wants to be remembered on and off the court.