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Oct 14 1996
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Father, Gary, and mother, Margaret, are retired (and divorced); has two sisters, Carolyn and Natalie, and two brothers, Rodney and Mitchell and nephew Lachlan ... Interests include skiing, surfing, golf, relaxing with friends anywhere and anytime, fine red wines (preferably Australian Shiraz) and going home to Sydney ... Describes herself as a true Aries who most admires people who are honest, passionate, authentic and giving; believes strongly in "everything happens for a reason" ... Has done TV broadcasting throughout her career and hopes to pursue television after tennis.

Career Highlights

Winner: 1991 - ITF/Mildura 2-AUS; 1990 - ITF/Perth-AUS.

Winner (60): 2010 - Eastbourne (w/Raymond); 2008 - Doha (w/Peschke); 2007 - Los Angeles, Stuttgart, Zürich (all w/Peschke); 2006 - Sydney (w/Morariu), San Diego, Zürich (both w/Black); 2005 - Eastbourne (w/Raymond), Stanford, Zürich, Philadelphia (all w/Black); 2004 - Sydney, Tokyo [Pan Pacific], Wimbledon, San Diego, Filderstadt, Zürich (all w/Black); 2003 - Tokyo [Pan Pacific] (w/Bovina), Los Angeles (w/Pierce), Filderstadt (w/Raymond); 2002 - Sydney, Tokyo [Pan Pacific], Scottsdale, Indian Wells, Miami, Charleston, Eastbourne, Stanford (all w/Raymond); 2001 - Tokyo [Pan Pacific], Scottsdale, Charleston, Eastbourne, Wimbledon, US Open, WTA Championships (all w/Raymond); 2000 - Australian Open, Rome, Madrid, San Diego (all w/Raymond); 1999 - Oklahoma City, New Haven, Zürich, Moscow, Philadelphia (all w/Raymond); 1998 - Hannover, Boston (both w/Raymond); 1997 - Québec City, Philadelphia (both w/Raymond); 1996 - Chicago, Philadelphia (both w/Raymond); 1995 - Birmingham (w/Bollegraf); 1994 - Osaka (w/Neiland), Strasbourg (w/McNeil); 1993 - Indian Wells (w/Sukova), Hamburg (w/Graf); 1992 - Osaka (w/Sukova), Hamburg (w/Graf), Birmingham, Montréal (both w/McNeil).
Finalist (41): 2010 - San Diego, Cincinnati (both w/Raymond); 2009 - Eastbourne, Wimbledon (both w/Stosur); 2008 - Eastbourne, Stuttgart (both w/Peschke); 2007 - Tokyo [Pan Pacific] (w/King), Eastbourne (w/Peschke); 2006 - Gold Coast, WTA Championships (both w/Black), Tokyo [Pan Pacific], Paris [Indoors], Stuttgart (all w/Black); 2005 - Miami (w/Raymond), Luxembourg, Moscow, WTA Championships (all w/Black); 2004 - Vienna, WTA Championships (both w/Black); 2003 - Sydney (w/Martínez), Philadelphia (w/Black); 2002 - Roland Garros (w/Raymond); 2001 - Sydney, Miami, Madrid (all w/Raymond); 2000 - Eastbourne, Philadelphia (both w/Raymond); 1999 - Amelia Island, Los Angeles (both w/Raymond); 1998 - Hilton Head, Birmingham, Moscow (all w/Raymond); 1996 - Linz (w/Sukova); 1995 - Tokyo [Pan Pacific] (w/Davenport), Paris [Indoors], Edinburgh (both w/Bollegraf), US Open (w/Schultz-McCarthy), Québec City (w/Raymond); 1993 - Sydney, Tokyo [Pan Pacific] (both w/McNeil), San Juan (w/G.Fernandez).

Winner (2): 2001 - US Open (w/Woodbridge); 2000 - Australian Open (w/Palmer).
Finalist (1): 2000 - Roland Garros (w/Woodbridge).

Australian Fed Cup Team, 1992-96, 1998-2000, 2002-04, 2006-11; Australian Olympic Team, 1996, 2000, 2004, 2008.

Career in Review

1986 - Played first event of career in doubles at ITF/Sydney-AUS.

1987 - Continued to play on ITF Circuit.

1988 - Fell in WTA qualifying twice (incl. Australian Open); won six doubles titles on ITF Circuit.

1989 - Played first WTA main draw at Australian Open, reaching 2r; fell in qualifying six times; won two doubles titles on ITF Circuit.

1990 - Reached 2r once; fell 1r four times and in qualifying 10 times (incl. Roland Garros); won one singles title and one doubles title on ITF Circuit.

1991 - Reached 2r once; fell 1r four times and in qualifying four times (incl. other two majors); won one singles title and one doubles title on ITF Circuit.

1992 - QF at Eastbourne (made Top 100 singles debut afterwards on June 22, rising from No.123 to No.95); reached 3r once and 2r five times (incl. Australian Open, Wimbledon); fell 1r six times (incl. Roland Garros) and in qualifying twice; won four WTA doubles titles.

1993 - Reached 2r five times; fell 1r eight times (incl. Australian Open, Wimbledon) and in qualifying four times (incl. US Open); won two WTA doubles titles.

1994 - Reached 2r three times; fell 1r three times (incl. Australian Open) and in qualifying 10 times (incl. Wimbledon, US Open); won two WTA doubles titles.

1995 - SF at Québec City (d. No.20 Raymond en route for first Top 20 win; l. to Van Roost); reached 2r four times (incl. Wimbledon); fell 1r four times (incl. US Open) and in qualifying eight times (incl. Australian Open); won one WTA doubles title.

1996 - Reached QF at Essen (l. to Svensson); reached 3r once and 2r once (Australian Open); fell 1r 11 times (incl. other three majors, Olympics) and in qualifying three times; reached career-high singles ranking of No.64 on October 14; won two WTA doubles titles.

1997 - Suffered right wrist tendonitis, missing most of season; returned to WTA in the fall and won two WTA doubles titles (played one Tour singles main draw, falling 1r).

1998 - Reached 2r once; fell 1r twice (Australian Open, Wimbledon) and in qualifying seven times (incl. US Open); won two WTA doubles titles.

1999 - Fell in WTA singles qualifying six times (incl. Australian Open, Wimbledon); won five WTA doubles titles.

2000 - Fell in WTA singles qualifying three times; won four WTA doubles titles (incl. first Grand Slam doubles title at Australian Open w/Raymond); on August 21, rose to No.1 ranking in doubles (co-No.1 w/Raymond for three weeks); also won Australian Open mixed doubles title w/Palmer (first woman in Open Era to win both in same year).

2001 - First season played exclusively in doubles; won seven WTA doubles titles (incl. Wimbledon, US Open and WTA Championships w/Raymond); also won US Open mixed doubles title (w/Woodbridge); missed most of fall season w/left wrist fracture.

2002 - Won eight WTA doubles titles.

2003 - Won three WTA doubles titles.

2004 - Won six WTA doubles titles (incl. Wimbledon w/Black - fourth Grand Slam doubles title).

2005 - Won four WTA doubles titles.

2006 - Won three WTA doubles titles.

2007 - Won three WTA doubles titles.

2008 - Won one WTA doubles title.

2009 - Best results were three WTA doubles finals w/Stosur (incl. Wimbledon).

2010 - Thirteenth straight and 14th overall Top 10 season in doubles (finishing No.10); won 60th WTA doubles title of career at Eastbourne (w/Raymond).

2011 - Best result was one SF w/Dellacqua (Madrid).


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