The WTA and ATP have today launched a short film titled ‘Tennis is Life’, reflecting on the coronavirus-hit 2020 season. The collaborative film documents the sport’s journey throughout the year while honoring those who made the return of tennis possible. 

The film, created by London-based agency MATTA, is comprised of clips from tennis players’ own social media channels documenting their experiences from lockdown to competition. 'Tennis is Life' is voiced by major stars from both Tours, as they read a powerful passage from Andre Agassi’s acclaimed autobiography, ‘Open', which explores parallels between life’s ups and downs and the game of tennis, through the shared language of both. 

Closing with the poignant line, “This is being stronger, united”, the film underscores the greater collaboration seen in tennis this year, and symbolizes a vision for unity in the sport, to enable it to fulfil its true potential. ‘Tennis is Life’ debuts on the heels of other notable collaborations between ATP and WTA this year, including Tennis United, an award-winning digital series launched in April, and coinciding with the suspension of both Tours. Both organizations’ marketing teams will continue to embody the vision by coming together on joint campaign creatives, as well as through the alignment of tournament category nomenclature from 2021.

“Our sport’s return to play is a testament to the collective resilience and hard work of so many individuals,” stated Micky Lawler, WTA President. “We’re incredibly blessed to have the support of one another in this global community and are reminded that the year 2020 took sacrifice and teamwork. We hope this collaborative film with the ATP reflects our gratitude to those who made it possible and celebrates the human qualities that brought us together and realized our united strength.”

Dan Ginger, ATP SVP Marketing and Business Development, said: ‘Tennis is a truly global sport and the impact of the pandemic has been felt by everyone around the world. It was important for us to look back on this unprecedented year and thank the many people that have been instrumental in allowing our sport to return to action. Collaborating with the WTA on this project is another powerful statement of the creative potential tennis has when it works together.”

Tennis is Life